How To Add Business To Google Maps/Google Business Listing

Adding your business to Google Maps or Google Places has become really important, as it will not only benefit you by getting the necessary exposure online for your business, but also will bring you potential customers for your business. Google Business Listing is not only limited to people owning websites & doing business online but also to local businesses. Any one can add business to Google Places its easy & Google does not charge anything for it, so you can list your business online for free on Google Maps.

So let’s get started on how we you can add your business to Google Maps, With this tutorial you can add your business to Google places which some people also refer as Google Business listing in no time, you just need to follow my 5 step visual guide that will help you list your business on Google in less than 5 minutes.

1.List Your Business

Click on the following URL: & login using your Gmail username & password, after which you will see following screen just click on List your business which appears on right hand side of the screen.

Adding Business To Google Maps

2. Select Country

Just enter your country & phone number details where your business in located

Google Places Enter Country

3. Enter Basic Information

Enter your company basic information like Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Website & Category.

Step 3-1

Add other information like service area & working hours.Step 3-2

You can also add photos & videos which is optional but I would suggest to add it as it will benefit your listing on Google.Step 3-3

Add some additional details that will help your customers to know your services & products. After you have filled in all the details click on submit & move on to next step.Step 3-4

4. Validate Your Listing

Now you will need to confirm your listing using By Phone, By SMS or By Postcard, Choose any one method & validate your listing, where you will be getting a PIN number either by phone, sms or postcard from Google, which you need to use it in the next step.

Step 4

5. Enter Your Pin

Now all you need to do is to enter your PIN in the following place to make your business listing on Google live. In case you have lost you pin then you can request another PIN.

Step 5 Now you are all done your listing will be live on Google maps, you can check your listing by visiting following URL & searching your business by entering your business name + place. If you have any queries or facing any problems with the Google listing mention in comments, I would help you to solve it.

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  • Jesse Dictor says:

    Its amazing how much traffic you can actually gain from this. It seems silly to me, but it helps the businesses when it comes to SEO.

  • Google Earth is one of the ways of helping people where to locate a specific location of an individual. It’s in fact a way to locate those never been discovered places. Google really did help a lot. Thanks for sharing this information in your site.Awesome, this was actually true that Google provides the needs of the users.

  • Sam says:

    Hi, I have done all of your 5 steps but my business still does not show up on google places plz help

  • so have you completed successful or did you got some errors, it would be nice if you can give me more details

  • Pravs says:

    hi, i have listed my business on google maps one day before. I have done all the steps u shared over here. But still, the status of owner is in verified listing. My question is how much time it will take for verification and what is the next step after this. How to add tags in map listing..

    Please answer my questions… I would be very grateful to you

  • Hi,

    If you have selected method of verification by phone or mobile you will get the code instantly, but in case you have selected by mail, then it will arrive in 10 – 15 days time. There is no specific option of adding tags in map listing, rather than that you can add multiple categories to the listing.

  • I am done with all the steps. Entered the pin as well which appeared on my mobile. But still I am not able to find my Organization on Google Maps. Can you please guide me?

  • premashakti says:

    I have completed process including verification and cannot locate the business. Would you kindly let me know what I can expect and when? Thank you.