Zoho Project – Next Generation Project Management Tool

When working on large projects with multiple teams it becomes tedious task to keep track of everything at once. To make life easier there are multiple project management tools available that help you keep the project on task. Zoho Projects is one such tool that help you manage your projects easily & collaborates teams on one single platform that will get you going in right direction.

Zoho being a leader in CRM solution provider knows the users requirements very well & created Zoho projects which is everything a project management tool does. Some of the interesting features of this tool


Feeds are highly visual interface that is easy to navigate & use which provide effective communication between team members & helps to collaborates on the projects in real time.

Collaboration Software

Have your team scattered around different locations?? Worry not as this tool empowers your team to come together & work as team from single location putting everyone on same page, so as to keep the conversation going.

Project Management Plan

With Zoho Projects you can keep your work organized in way that will monitor progress with dependency & capture every detail of work that will improve overall efficiency so that you never miss deadlines

Document Management

Document management is an integral part of any project management tool & with Zoho Projects all files are stored & organized centrally so that each one in the team is informed & have the latest copies of the files that are being shared.

Dropbox Integration

Sharing large documents is have been a difficult task, but now with Dropbox integration sharing all type & size of files is simple copy pasting task from one folder to another.

Google Apps

With Google Apps integration now it’s easy to sync your task in Gmail & Google calendars so that you can easily track high priority events & updates.

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  • Nadya says:

    Zoho Projects suck. If you want good free project management solution – it’s hard to beat Bitrix24, Asana or Trello. If you have money to pay, Wrike is the best.