How To Use IGTV In An Effective Way

Instagram contains above one billion users across the world. So utilizing every feature brings excellent success for your business or brand. 

IGTV is an Instagram feature that allows its users to share HQ video content for nearly an hour and horizontal and vertical viewing. Are you interested in trying out this strategy? Yeah! Move forward.

IGTV(Instagram TV)

It is a free application to share long-term video content. Instagram allows the video to post up to a minute, but the new application allows the video to post for up to an hour. You could convey more things through long-term video content that brings value to the audience. 

IGTV gave a great way to view video content without ads when it was introduced in 2018. Unlike story videos on Instagram, the platform won’t allow you to post videos on IGTV at the exact time you film them.

How Does It Work?

IGTV could be viewed through Instagram or an app. It is available both on iOS and Android. To access Instagram TV, it requires a profile on Instagram. 

IGTV is specially introduced for mobile devices. When you open a video content on IGTV, it begins to play automatically. You can access it through an icon at the upper-right corner of the app’s homepage. 

The main objective of the feature is to trend like the TV, where every user no need to waste time looking for video content from the person they follow already. You can get everything on a single screen.

Who Could Use It?

Everyone can get the feature to upload videos. And you need an app to post your video content directly. Instagram TV targets the Z generation and focuses on competing with the mega-network, YouTube. It welcomes content creators to create more exciting videos. Also, content creators could add a “CTA” option to their video contents, mentioning links to other websites or networks.

Why Are Longer Contents More Important?

You can’t avoid short-term video success on the platform through feeds and stories. 

But adding more information about a specific thing, making the content more exciting and valuable to users could be brought by only the long-term video contents.

The primary objective is to provide something that adds more value to the audience, and then it is easy with the IGTV factor.

Whether IGTV Helps In Monetizing?

The Instagram CEO concluded that in 2020, IGTV content creators could get monetized. 

It’s great news for all IGTV creators to gain earnings from IGTV, and it forces them to create much more exciting content. However, it’s like the YouTube platform, using the ads option on the video contents.

Step-by-step To Upload IGTV

Now, you could know about Instagram TV and the changes made to the algorithm to attract more audience attention towards IGTV.

You will get the IGTV icon below the search bar and also in other apps. But the video content has to attain some standards to grab more attention. 

     Making The Video Content

Unlike stories, the video wants to be filmed and edited externally to upload on IGTV. There are multiple video editing apps online to edit your content effectively to post on IGTV.

     Adding The Content To IGTV

You could customize it to gain more attention when you click to add a new video to the Instagram TV. The video content wants to be ready in your gallery and uploaded and viewed as a perfect thumbnail. You could select your video thumbnail in your content itself, or you can upload it from your gallery. It is the ideal time for video optimization once you have completed the previous step.

Your video content title should be appealing, clear, and short. It is necessary to add a description to describe more about your video content. IGTV series similar to the playlist. There will be an option to make your first series. Then you can edit the profile cover picture and save it. Also, you could add preview to your content for up to one minute. Finally, select if you would like to share the content on FB too.

After completing every step, click the Post option. Check everything before you post because there is no way to make changes after uploading your video content to IGTV.

Best Video Types To Post On IGTV

Instagram Tv is a flexible tool. Everyone could take advantage of IGTV’s features like digital influencers, Entrepreneurs, and every business.

Here you can get the best video types to get started filming and uploading on your app.


Teasers are the small video clips that create buzz and more expectations among the audience. You could use it on IGTV when you launch a new service or product or upload the video portions you have already uploaded on other networks such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Most people use this content type because it’s the easy one to make and brings more Instagram TV views promptly to your stunning teaser in a short time.


Tutorials are the other content types that have become popular on the IGTV platform. The main objective of this content type is to instruct the audience on how to use a service or product provided by your business or how to do something(whatever it is).

Tutorials are the perfect way to connect with your audience and gain more trust in your brand because you are helping them effectively. You could help your fans in a single video, and it increases your brand’s authenticity in the market.


Reviews are the best video type on the YouTube platform, so it is a natural video type to succeed on Instagram TV. It’s a perfect way to connect with your fans because you’re providing a product or service summary. It can be books, films, sports, online tools, games, products, etc.

A review must be perfect and should include every pros and con and address it in a friendly tone.


It’s like an online talk or class. Webinars are the perfect factor to upload on Instagram TV, whether it is small clips or a complete video.

It is the way to provide great content for your brand and grab potential customers. Since Instagram TV has a great feature to add a link in the description field of the video content, you don’t have any problem directing the audience to your target page and gaining new leads.

We hope that you have learned this marvelous feature and begin soon. You could also use this feature for advertising or promoting your brand or business. 

After uploading your IGTV video content, always remember to ask your followers for their feedback. That will be an excellent key for you for making unique video content.


Even if you do not have massive fans and do not monetize with the ads, Instagram TV is the perfect way to connect with your target audience. Also, join hands with the right influencer from your industry, gain more fans, and develop more authority.


Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.