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Google Products: You Need To Know & You Need To Use

Many of you may not be familiar that other  than Google being widely used search engine, it offers various other services which can help your online business in many ways. If you are owing a website then you must probably use following Google services.The best thing about them is it’s totally free & provides very useful information that you might be missing.

Google Apps

Google Apps is one of business services by Google to help you small business grow online.  If you have used Gmail services for long time & like the user interface then when you buy a new domain you will find that the email service provided by the domain seller is really difficult to understand, In these case you simply need to use the Google Apps from Google. You can migrate your email service from your default email service provider to Google apps. Google Apps in standard edition provides you with 50 free email addresses which is pretty decent if you have a small organization and you can easily send and receive mails from the simple Gmail Interface.

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Google Apps - Get Free Email Addresses

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you with detail information about your website traffic. Its one tool every website owner should use. You can use it to track multiple website without paying a dime & information you get from the analytics will definitely help you do more with your website.

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Google Analytics - Track Your Visitors

Google Webmaster

Track what keywords are been used by users to visit your website. Find out about the crawl errors or any malware attacks on your website, submit your sitemap to Google for faster indexing of your web-pages & Find duplicate meta description and tile of your pages. It does this all and help you follow the Google guidelines for some basic practices of Search Engine Optimization.

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Track Which Keywords Are Important - Google Webmaster Tools

Google Adwords

Want to advertise your website online on Google? Use Google Adwords for marketing your web & services to gain targeted visitors for your website. Google Adwords is one of Search Engine marketing program by Google which helps you to advertise your product & services online. This one of the kind Google ad service program where you pay as little as $0.05 for single click for less competition & gaining nice number of customers to sell your products, Here you can select your daily budget & select specific area & time to display your ads.

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Google Adwords - Advertise Online

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is online money-making program that helps website owners to make money by selling ad-spaces on their website. The amount of money you will make using Google Adsense programs depends on website visitors & the clicks you received on the ads you display for your website.

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Google Adsense - Make Money Online

Google Places

This is one Google location services that allows you to list your firm or office address on Google map, even local business owners like dentist, hoteliers & others can really befit from these service. Its easy and take few minutes of time to do so  & people searching for your service online can easily find & contact you. This is one of the best way to get targeted traffic on your website from the place you are located. So if your business extends to offline as well then you should probably use Google Places for your benefits.

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List Your Local Business Online - Google Places

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