Softwares to make your life Simple on computer

The software are set of tools that you will need in your computer, to get your various tasks done comfortably. I have made a list of e software’s that will help people to get their work done quickly and more efficiently. It is always necessary to have right set of softwares on the computer, so you dont have to get stuck with any work at any time.

Software listed below will definitely help you to make your life on computer really easy.

1.An Effective Virus Scanner -avast! Home Edition


The first thing you need to install on your newly bought computer is an antivirus as it is the most important software that will protect your computer form damages of Malware, Trojan & Viruses. There are bundle of free as well as paid antivirus available, I personal prefer avast! home edition as my choice of antivirus. It has a simple user interface that provides network, IM & web shields with real time protection.

The automatic update feature of avast is really impressive as it download & install the updates without using much of your internet bandwidth & notify you when it is done with a sound message. The other feature I like about avast is it use less ram memory , these is really an advantage because their are many Antivirus that use lots of RAM memory which sometime freeze your system.

You just need to register with the website & they will mail you the serial key. The Home Edition is free for non-commercial use only.


2.Personalize Your Music – Apple iTunes

iTunesFor Some people music is drug for life, and you are the person that like your music organized then iTunes from Apple is the best music player for your soul. As soon as you installed the iTunes into the computer it automatically search for songs in your pc & start downloading the artwork as well.

To use iTunes is so easy that even your Mom would love it. With iTunes you can organized your music in more then one way like according to artist, album, year & much more.Also edit the information of the songs as you listen to them its that easy. So if your bored organizing your song in folders & finding them thorough other players try iTunes & you may never look at any other player.


3.A Personal Browser – Mozilla Firefox

FirefoxIt is the most powerful browser that I am using without paying anything. If you are user which likes heavy web surfing then you must no doubt have this browser. It is the most customizable browser with thousands of addons available that will transform your web surfing experience completely.

The most important feature Firefox is the inbuilt security, so even if you accidentally visit malware website, it will automatically warn you about the threat & would not load that website protecting you from viruses.  The bookmark toolbar below the navigation toolbar give fast access to your most favorite pages. The inbuilt search functionality of the address bar is totally amazing, as it will directly shows the related names of the websites in the drop done as soon as you start typing the address of the website.

If you haven’t tried these browser now its the time you should go ahead & see the power it gives you while surfing the web.


4.Universal Multimedia Player – VLC Player

VLC PlayerWhen it comes to watching video on your computer, then problem of playing  multiple video file format arises. VLC player is the best solution to these problem, as it is a multimedia portable player, that plays all the audio & video file formats & it does not required any external codec pack to be installed. Being portable it consumes less amount of your RAM memory.

With VLC player you can always do more. It give you ability of taking screen-shot while the video is being played, you can view incomplete downloaded video files & also plays high definition video files smoothly.


5.Open Source Office – Open Office

Open Office WriterOpen Office is only alternate software to Microsoft Office. Many people still might not have heard about Open Office. It is a product of Sun Mircosystems, it has most functionality that Microsoft Office have. It is a boon for small businesses, education, non profit & various other institutes.

Open office lets you handle all MS Office files. You can open,edit, modify & save any MS Office file like word, powerpoint, & Execl. It gives you ability to save your files which is compatible with MS Office. The problem I faced using Open Office was that the file takes time to get open, other then that it was nice working nice working on it.


6.Powerful Multipurpose Image Viewer – Irfan View

Irfan ViewIrfan View is an image viewer that support large number of picture file format. The problem with windows default image viewer is lack of functionality, such as in Windows Xp the viewer does not support viewing pictures in full screen & it does not have an option to resize your image. So Irfan view is a good alternative to the default image viewer. It also has built in Multimedia player which allows you to view movie clips as well.

Irfan view being compact image viewer is still much powerful to do many tasks such as basic editing of image like color correction, sharpen, blur, basic paint editing like creating line, circle & other shapes, tagging of image, creating slideshows, and many other features.


7.Download it Right & Fast – MetaProduct Download Express

Meta Product Mass DownloaderWhen downloading huge file from internet, poor internet connection becomes a huge problem and result into broken or incomplete download file. So then Metaproduct Download Express Comes really handy as it integrates with most of the browser including Firefox.

These downloader supports pausing & resuming of downloads and it is also accelerate the process of downloads by downloading files in multiple part that is joined on completion of download. It also support scanning of viruses.


8.Document Reader – Adobe Reader

Adobe PDF Adode Reader is used for viewing PDF file format. PDF which stands for portable document file is one of the most used file format, as it is independent of application, operating systems & hardware. Hence most of the time when you download ebooks or any other documents they are mostly in PDF format. So Adobe Reader is really useful in viewing those document & integration with most of the browser really help us to view the document online rather then downloading them.



WinRARThe main reason people use compression is to compressed large files and send them via mails. WinRar is compression software that have a good compression ratio and even ease to use interface to mange your compression and decompression of your files. WinRar supports .ZIP and .RAR format primary file formats used.

The one feature I like about WinRar is that you can compress any file directly by just right clicking on the file and selecting it to add to archives and then selecting the the proper file format to compress without opening the application. The other things are you can extract multiple compressed file to separate folders with just a click as the same method describe above.



Super Its was a while that I was searching for perfect audio & video file converter that suits my needs. There are many audio & video converters I have used in past but this one is far better then most of them as Super lets you convert you video & audio file into large number of format. This converter lets you convert video and audio for you  mobile phone, iphone, ipod, Playstation 2 & 3, Zune player,  & many more.

The main thing about super its a free software with many advance features. Find more information about Super on its website.


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