Be More Productive While Surfing Web Using Firefox Extension

As we know Firefox is one of the popular internet browser after Internet Explorer.  The popularity of the browser depends on many factors which include great usability, security, Add-ons & various other things. The good thing about Firefox is that you can completely personalize your browsing experience with different add-ons easily.



This extension helps you convert any web page into pdf format. Here web page can be saved in image format as well you have option of saving the complete page or only visible part of the page.


2.WebMail Notifier

WebMail NotifierThis is very useful Mozilla extension that you need to have if you are frequently checking your mails on different mails clients. It directly notify you when new mails lands up into you mail box with a small pop in the screen & you directly log in into the mail by clicking on those pop & check your mail. Its support following mail clients gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, daum, naver, nate, paran, POP3/IMAP, & many more.


3.Download Status Bar

Download Status BarGetting annoyed seeing download window when downloading stuff in Firefox then this extension will help you see you download in the status bar below without annoying you with the pop-ups which will make you browsing experience even better.


4.Screen Grab

Screen GrabThis extension is similar to pdfit the only difference is that you can save web page in image format & also you can select a portion of the web page manually to be saved in image format.



ShareThisThis extension is very popular with blogger as it gives freedom to share any website link instantly on large number of social networks & also you can email the link to any of the email address without even logging into any email client.


6.Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelperIf you are the user that likes to watch Youtube videos online & want them directly to download on your computer then this is the good extension to do so. You just need to click on the video to download it.



Fox ClocksWith this extension you can have time from any part of world showing in the your status bar. Its very useful extension for people working in different time zones.


8.Forex Currency Converter

Forex currency converterKeep updated with the latest currency rates with Forex Currency Converter. This extension lets you converts any number in the web page instantly to any currency value without redirecting to any other website, so now you can work more productively without wasting anytime.



FEBETill now after reading these post many user will surely use couple of extension mention here. So there will be time you need to backup all the extension you are using with Firefox, FEBE is the extension with which you can backup all your extension & migrate it to different computer.


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  • I also use Firefox mainly because of the addons created for this browser. I like the webmail notifier plugin but I already have like 10-12 addons installed and enabled. Do you think the browser will stop working properly if I install a couple more addons?

  • Jimmy says:

    I know it´s a really old post, but never the less i´ll give my five cents.

    I’ve actually used a firefox addon to a currency converter, but it lacked an overview about how a currency’s exchange rate had been previously. So for that not to be a lie it ended I made my own website where there is a currency converter and exchange rates.

    And FoxClocks is also one the many addons I use, in this case it is always rather nice to know what time it is in the country in a particular blog is from.

    And if your are up for some link exchange then i also have a new wp theme blog, but let me know if it´s something you might wanna do.