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Ad placement is important part of blog design, as that will decide the earning & give your advertiser most benefits, just putting ads randomly anywhere will do no good for you an even the visitors will be offended by seeing ads everywhere on pages. There are some default ad placements that mostly all blogs follows, so I will be telling you where and what types of ads are needed to be placed on blogs for efficient results & also providing you examples of some famous blogs & their ad placements.

I have categorized the ad placement into five different parts for easy understanding.


1. Header Ads

The header ads are the most popular among the advertiser as they get instant impression from the visitors visiting the page & are linked with each page of the site.

Generally the header ads are placed next to the logo on the right-hand side or sometime its place top of the logo.


Some blog completely avoid header ads, as these ads are too direct, but placing intelligently won’t do any harm.




Ad Formats:

Depending upon your design you can used following ad formats.





Most bloggers used rotating ad banners in the header to get the maximum profit from this ad placement. So if you are having a blog with large visitors than rotating ads are advised to be used in the headers that will earn extra bucks.


2. Sidebar Ads

The sidebar ads also get most views as they are present next to the content. I think sidebar as the official ad section of the blog as most of the ads are displayed in this section, which is nice as it does not interrupt users while they are accessing the information.


Sidebar ads are mostly direct advertisement or ads from BSA & some time CPC ads.

WebDesignerDepot – They used two 250×250 ads blocks placed one at beginning and one at end & it also uses 120×600 Adsense ads utilizing the sidebars effectively.

SpyreStudios – Uses minimum ads in sidebar only two 250×250 ad blocks with four 125×125 ad blocks keeping the sidebar clean


Ad formats:

Multiple ad format can be used while placing ads in the sidebar.

– 125×125

You can use 8-10 blocks of  125×125 ad in the sidebar

– 300×250 or 250×250

Upto 3 blocks of 300×250 ads uniformly placed in sidebar are good.

– 120×240 or 120×600

If you have 3 column layout you can also use 1 block of 120×240 skyscraper ads.


If you are into affiliate marketing then inserting, one block of 300×250 in sidebar for affiliate ads will increase your profits. Use 120×240 ad-blocks for CPC ads as they are more likely to be clicked in sidebars.


3. In-Content Ads

The In-content ads has high conversion ratio as it’s directly in the path of users the interaction levels of users with the ads are more in this case rather than any other ads sections. The CPC ads are highly preferred as in-content ads as because the ads shown are dynamic and the advertisements are similar to the content of the post hence users find those ads useful.

Net Tuts – It use 300×250 ad banner between the content.



Ad Formats

Both of the following ad formats can be easily used as the in-content ads.


CPC ads are best option while choosing this ad format.


Affiliates or direct advertisement are ideally suited for this format


4 Ad blocks after the content is also preferred by some blogs


Using 300×250 block just above the content is ideal position & using 468×60 block after the content ends will help you distribute you are over the page which won’t interfere the users while he is reading content. Some bloggers used 468×60 ad block between the content which is good idea if the presented content is large.


4. Comments Ads

The ads below over just above the comments are one last way to engage visitor with the advertisement, as it’s the time when visitor will be navigating from the page. This section of the ads receives less views, but potential clicks as if the ads satisfies the visitor criteria he is more likely to click on this advertisement.

SpeckyBoy – One 468×90 ad has been used below the comment section



Using affiliate ads in this section is a better option rather the CPC ads as it has more chances of conversion by potential visitors.


5. Footer Ads

Generally people don’t consider footer advertisement as it’s the last place any visitor will see, but that does not mean we can not use footer for advertisement. As footer is at end of the people who are looking for specific information are more likely to click on ads in footer.


LittleBoxOfIdeas – Uses Amazon affiliate widget in the footer as footer advertisement.


10Steps – Uses 768×90 CPC ad below the footer section.


Affiliate ads is something I would suggest using in footer rather than a CPC ads.

There is more than one way of showing ads in your blogs, but you need to be careful while putting those ads as you don’t want your visitors to get wrong impressions by stuffing ads in all the places at once.

Tell us which ad-placement has worked best for you in the comments.

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