25 Example Of Character Illustration In Business Card Design

I really adore the use of character illustration in design & one of the really nice use of character illustration I recently found is in business card design. Business card represent your business when you add a character illustration to it, then your business cards get more personal & sometimes adds the fun element to it. Now, character illustration are not only associated with kids but many big business represents their brand using some professionally design character.

With this article I have shared some really professional business cards of an individuals & companies that had used character illustration in designing their business cards.

1.Sidebar Creative – Business Card

Business Card Design

2.Nation Toys & Tees

Business Card Design With character Illustration


Sweet Illustration Business Card Design

4. Houndless Design

Graphic Designer Business Card

5.Monk Business Card

Black & White Business Card Design


6.Sey Studio

Design of Business card


Monster Illustration in Business Card

8.Graphic Designer Business Card

Graphic Designer Business Card


9.Wheel – Full Character Design Business Card

Superhero Character Illustration - Business Card

10.Willam Sweetman – Designer Business Card

Black Business Card Design11.Megan Murphys – Colorful Business Card Design

Orange Business Card Design


12.Minimal Character Design in Business Card

Minimal Business Card Design

13. The Cuckoo Story

Green Business Card Design

14.Miles Mungo – Graphic Designer Business Card

original business card design


Blue Monster Illustration in Business Card

16.Goonpay – Business Card


Design of Business Card

17.Other Design – Personal Illustration in Business Card

Personal Illustration Business Card

18.Sticky Stuff

Blue Business Card

19.Ryan Miranda – Graphic Designer Illustrator Business Card

Graphic Designer Illustrator Business Card


MQ Business Cards

21.Jonas Strandell – Sailor Character Illustration Business Card

Sailor Character Illustration Business Card

22.Designerfoo – Multiple Character Illustration

Multiple Character Illustration

23.Brittney Phillips

business cards by dayliwonder

24.Eloise Narrigan – Business Card

Character Business Cards

25.Artistic Character Illustration in Business Card

Artistic Character Illustration in Business Card

Hope you like these collection of business cards using character illustration as a design element. Tell us which one of above you liked the most & if you have your business card that features a character illustration in it, do mention it in the comment section.

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