Are Students Actually Using Social Media Websites for Studying Purposes?

“Our mission is to make the world one big study group,” stated Phil Hill, chief executive of OpenStudy. OpenStudy and other social media websites that foster online learning communities are increasingly popular with students from around the globe.

Here are some of the popular social media platforms used for studying:

Open Study

Websites for student

OpenStudy website is used by students from all over the world. Students join communities and have the opportunity to learn from each other. Also, 90% of students’ questions have already been answered with an average of over five collaborators per question. The website also connects MIT engineering students with high school students seeking to become engineers. The largest study group is MIT’s Introduction to Computer Science.


Social Media For Student

More than 4 million people have visited Livemocha to study a new language with other people. Students get free language lessons and have opportunities to talk with native speakers.


Student & Social Media

LearnHub is a popular social learning network for international education. The website has several online learning communities. Some of the communities focus on standardized tests, languages, social sciences, or mathematics. LearnHub provides free access to IIT-Jee, AIEEE, BITSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, and TOEFL practice exams and question banks.

Facebook Study Groups

Study Groups is a popular Facebook application that lets students work together outside of the classroom. They can share notes, discuss assignments, collaborate on group projects, and help other students prepare for exams.

Get Homework Help

Get Homework Help is another useful Facebook application. Students are provided assistance with their assignments in math, science, and other subjects from tutors and other students. Some of the tutors are from top colleges. The website uses whiteboards, audio-chat, and text-chat.

Social media websites are not just for socializing. They can actually be used to help students study.

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