Personalizing Social Network Profiles For Better Engagement

Marketing is always evolving and it’s important to keep moving with the current flow. Whether it’s managing your social identity with Twitter or engaging customers through email marketing, being noticed for your unique brand is a process that’s worth the time.

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While direct marketing is pretty limitless, customizing a social media profile does have confines. But there are a lot of creative ways to make your social identity accurate, interesting and successful.

Profile Pictures

The images you use to represent your company need to be chosen purposefully. There are two effective ways to do this.

One style is to go completely consistent, as in, the EXACT SAME image at every single opportunity; repeat it in your Twitter background, make it your profile picture. A consistent and predictable brand dressing for your profile tells clients you are dependable, formal and (of course) consistent. In this style it is really important that you pay attention to the image size. A lot of companies make the mistake of not considering the size of their files. This leads to having the picture being cropped, cut off or stretched—the opposite of having a consistent image.

The best alternative to a more repetitive branding is a highly organic one (think MTV or HTC mobile’s “You” campaign). These companies make sure that their logo looks different every time. By keeping some elements the same (like the shape of the “M” or the word “you”) it gives viewers a reference point to identify the brand. Since other elements (color, font, size, etc.) are switched up, this style communicates a cool and progressive company that’s trendy and creative. Doing this requires more creative power—you have to produce all those logos somehow. However, you won’t have to stress as much about stretching or images turning out a different color—common issues when getting things printed.

To know more about how to get creative with profile picture follow the link below.

Platforms like Facebook and Google+ do not allow for a lot of visual customization but you can very strongly communicate identity by what areas of your page you implement. A company that’s holding a lot of functions should not only make each one of them an “event” but also upload a full album of photos after the fact. By adding pictures to the equation a company not only adds another dimension but also rewards site visitors. (People love collecting new profile pics.) Additionally, if the attendees end up tagging themselves in your pictures it will only create more traffic flow for you.

Status Updates

Having a good amount of status updates is also a powerful thing for a business profile. You need to keep dialogue flowing. Some companies can’t afford to hire a solely social media person so they give a myriad of employees access to their account. This is a mistake, as different people will discuss separate topics and in a disjointed manner. If a group of people are handing your social identity then try and agree on a common voice. Don’t sacrifice focus for abundance.


Most of all it’s important for a company to represent itself accurately. The presence of social media gives all companies the opportunity to create quality conversations with their loyal clients: a small business feel done efficiently, quickly and for free.

Social Media Marketing is very effective way of promoting business, but you have to make sure you don’t spend large amount of hours doing it wrong rather follow simple steps & interactive with your clients as you do in real life.

Let us know the different ways you follow & use to effectively market your business using social media.

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