Video Marketing on a Budget: How to Edit Your Videos

When it comes to editing your videos for sites like YouTube, there are some basic rules and tips that you should follow in order to create a polished and finished product. Creating videos that people will want to watch, comment on or share means following these top tips for video editing prior to uploading your video to the internet.


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Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with breaking rules and taking a little bit of artistic license when it comes to your video editing. After all, your video can be anything that you want it to be.

Top Tips for Video Editing

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1. Avoid Jumps

Jump cuts occur when there are two consecutive shots and the same camera setup, but where the subject has changed in some way. If you cut out some footage from the middle of your recording, find some way to remove the abruptness of the cut such as by using a fade or inserting some B-roll.

2. Utilize B-Roll

B-roll is a type of video footage used to reveal details, set the scene or otherwise enhance the story that you are telling. Utilize B-roll in your videos to cover cuts or create smooth transitions between scenes and to add more detail to your story.

3. Keep a Natural Plane

A horizontal line exists between the camera and what you are filming, and staying on your side of this line is essential. When you observe a 180-degree plane, the perspective you create is more natural. If this rule is disobeyed by the footage you are editing, insert b-roll between cuts for more natural transitions.

4. Cut Using Similar Elements

Even when your scenes are changing dramatically, you can create a smooth and creative cut by using visually similar elements from cut to cut. For example, you may cut from the flower decoration on a wedding cake to the fresh cut flowers of the bride’s bouquet in a wedding video, or you may tilt up toward the sky to cut from one clip and down from the sky in another for a smooth transition.

5. Take Advantage of Natural Wipes

For example, when someone walks in front of the camera during a wedding video, you can use this wipe as an opportunity to change the scene in the next cut without jarring your audience. You can do this any time the screen is filled up entirely by an element, such as the black color of an usher’s suit as he walks in front of your camera. These are effective in all types of videos, not just wedding videos.

The rules and tips for video editing are pretty simple and basic, but they have a profoundly positive impact on your ability to create visually appealing videos that are smooth and enjoyable. When you follow these and similar rules regarding video editing, the result is a video that you can be proud to show to others online without jarring your audience unnecessarily with unnatural cuts or elements.

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