The Beauty of Education: Ten Well-Designed Online College Websites

We live in a very visually judgmental world. All the time, people are perceiving their surroundings and judging how those environments can be altered or improved. We are in the midst of a highly creative revolution in the visual-design world, and everything from high-resolution photography to cutting-edge websites are making strides in improvement as the years go by.

In fact, many of us have become so fiercely passionate about visual design that we often judge the quality of a service or product based on the way its visually advertised, packaged, and marketed to its audience. For lack of a better phrase, we’re judging the book by its cover. Websites, for instance, are one of the most common things we see and engage with in our everyday lives. Think of it this way: have you ever stumbled upon a website, but then suddenly felt it wasn’t trustworthy simply because of its website design was of low-quality and setup? I know I have.

Nowadays, people have such high expectations of websites that they often won’t subscribe to the services of a company unless their webpage is flawlessly designed & have better user experience. Online colleges, surprisingly, have some of the most impeccably designed, beautiful websites out there on the web. Since their very livelihood depends upon the stability and presentation of their webpages, online colleges will often go the extra mile to put together a breathtaking, structured, dependable webpage.

For those of you who want to check out some of the most impressively designed online colleges website which also have neat user interface for better user experience.

DeVry University

University of Phoenix

Walden University

Strayer University

Best Colleges Online

Everest University Online

Full Sail University

Penn State University World Campus

Western Governors University

Northeastern University Online

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