Creating a Perfect Climate Control for your Workplace

There’s no doubt that when it comes to creating an environment that promotes productivity few things are more important than climate control. An office that’s too cold will have employees shivering in their overcoats in between constant dashes to the kitchen for another cup of coffee. Meanwhile an office that’s too hot will have workers busy fanning themselves rather than getting on with what they should be doing. So how do you make sure you can offer perfect climate control in the workplace?

Cheap solutions just won’t work

Employers that don’t want to invest in a proper climate control solution might just throw fans at their employees in the summer months and bring in some portable heaters during the winter. However, rather than creating a comfortable temperature fans just circulate air – often to the annoyance of anyone with paper or anything else that can be blown away on their desk. Those smaller heaters might get things warmed up, but they’re also incredibly inefficient and usually just create a stifling environment.

Plan today and you won’t have to worry tomorrow

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Perfect climate control is something that should just blend in seamlessly with the workplace – something that shouldn’t need thinking about. However, to achieve this, plenty of thought and planning will be needed beforehand so you get the best climate control possible and reduce the chances of problems in the future.

Often, you won’t be in control of one of the biggest factors of climate control: making the temperature inside your building as independent from the temperature outside as possible. A building with insulated windows, walls and ceilings will be better primed for perfect climate control, but if you’re stuck in offices without insulation and no option of relocating there’s still plenty you can do.

Heating and cooling

Put simply, climate control is about making a room warmer or cooler – convection heaters and air-conditioning systems respectively are considered by many the best ways to do this. However, there are different types of systems, with some offering advance settings for greater control, such as multiple zoning. Another thing to consider is that some air-conditioning systems are capable of transforming the climate in a matter of a few short minutes, while others may take much longer.

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