Tips to Create Strong Passwords You Can Remember

The first line of defense for your email account or access to your computer is the password protection. Any of you transaction, action will not take place if you do not give a valid Username and a specific Password to the portal. The vitality of the password and username is such that your valuable information and private details will be exposed to the strangers if you are not sure about making strong passwords. To avoid this from happening, a strong, unique, and easy to remember password is what you need. Since there are various combinations and permutations of the secrecy, you want to preserve in a password, one simply cannot afford to create a false and weak password. Here, we will discuss some of the dos and don’ts of the password creation and would consider some aspects and ways using which this particular password can be remembered.

Simple yet powerful passwords

Though it is essential that your password should not be easily cracked by anybody, it is also essential to have a basic yet easy to remember password. This will ensure that you can use it without having to stress upon remembering it with efforts. Hence, passwords with familiar words that are used in daily routine are certainly to be used. This will reduce your efforts to retain it.

Use of the favorites

Use of the favorite things such as your favorite actor or any favorite numbers would make your password easy to remember as well as hard to predict. Any of the favorites apart from these common conceptions would be used so that there are no additional efforts required to memorize it.

Strength and content

Though the use of the favorites is permitted and encouraged in your password, utmost care should be taken on the front of the predictability of the password. Any of the contents like your username, name, or any family name should be strictly avoided. In addition, it will be better use odd favorites on the password instead of the routine ones.

 Password length

A password is considered as a strong password if it consists of at least 8 characters, a fact which should be strictly followed. This much strength is essential in any kind of password so that it becomes complex enough to crack. In addition, it should be looked after that use of incomplete words in the password will make it more difficult to interpret.

 Use of specific characters

Other than the alphabets and the numbers, use of the distinctive characters makes your password extremely difficult and difficult to predict, as well. This use should be essentially observed with the special characters like $, %, &, (,) etc.

Use of Paraphrase

It would be quite difficult to remember the password created by using different, special characters. You can think of any poem or a book you like most and create a password by using the first letter of each word. You can insert the distinctive characters in between to make it unique.

Continuous change of passwords

How much your password may strong is, consistent and regular change in it is always welcome. Moreover, it should be made to follow that you change your password with significant and noticeable change every time.

Don’ts in Password Creation:

  • Any of the passwords should never consist of your personal or group information as well as your own data. If a password consists, this info is cracked then your privacy is exposed.
  • Only use of the uppercase or lowercase characters should be prohibited, as the mixture of these two is what makes your password complex.
  • No password should be of length less than 8 characters because a weak password is easy to beat.
  • Remembering a password is not only required but also is a necessity and; therefore there is no substitute for it.
  • A password should never consist of only numerical or only alphabets, as it will be a week password.
  • Do not use the same password for different sites, suppose somebody hacks your eBay accounts password then if you use the same password for your PayPal the hacker can extremely easily access that account.

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