10 Unique Postcard Designs for Inspiration

Postcard has evolve in a unique way which is been used in different ways to promote brand & market products around the world. Designer has change the traditional concepts of designing postcard with the modern art form & use of technology. If you are seeking postcard design inspiration to help you become a better graphic designer then Look no further than following 10 unique postcard designs.

1. Travel Notes by Hobo and Sailor

This postcard is featured in a set of travel postcards by Hobo and Sailor. It’s die-cut printing depicts a deep sea diver fighting an octopus – the perfect way to show off just how adventurous your vacations can be!

2. Passport by Jonathan Finch

The Passport design team came up with passport-inspired collateral to promote their company.





3. Spring Postcards by Tetiana Kartasheva

This set of letterpress spring postcards by Tetiana Kartasheva employs a blend of colors for unique accents that literally make an impression.

4. Cinema Cards by Tizieu Rulez

Weird commands attention. Getting attention sells. Enough said.

5. Two Times Elliot self-promotional cards

Two Times Elliot takes their postcard promotion to the next level by issuing 15 postcards, one for each letter of its name. No word on whether they send all 15 postcards to each customer.

6. Jazz Café by Thomas Butler

Jazz Cafe offers a glimpse of the club’s experience and employs colors and fonts to lend a sense of the atmosphere.

7. Postcards by Anant Kulkarni

What better way for an artist to promote herself than to issue postcards that feature her own compelling artwork?

8. Daelin by Malka Grosh

This postcard by Malka Grosh perfectly captures the essence of girly pink that Events by Daelin wants to evoke. You can’t get more frilly and fun than this!

9. Urban Plate by Chris Yoon

This is the perfect promotional postcard for an urban eatery that wants to portray a modern vibe, which it accomplishes with a minimalist layout and die cut rounded corners.

10. Tomomi by We Are Designer

This series of postcards promotes the upscale clothing boutique Tomomi, each featuring a model in a trendy outfit. I wonder whether they send different postcards to specific mailing lists.


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