Premium WordPress Themes for Doctors & Medical/Health Professional

WordPress as a CMS has evolved with time & its no longer a platform just for blogging. WordPress has became so flexible that it is used from blog to full fledged website & also an e-commerce sites. Due to wide variety of plugins & easy to manage it has became 1st choice for large set of professionals across the globe. Today with these post we are sharing with you premium WordPress themes built exclusive for the health professionals which can be used as personal clinic site or hospital websites.

The WordPress themes shared over here are highly customizable, responsive(Mobile Ready) & have premium design. Here is list of 17 premium WordPress themes for doctors, clinic, hospitals & any health professionals.

1. Doctor – Multilingual, Unlimited Colors Theme


2. MediCure – ShortCodes, Widget & More


3.MEDICenter – Visual Page Builder & 20+ Layout Theme


4. Medical Doctor – Responsive, 600+ Fonts & More


5. Health Press – HTML5, Responsive, Multi-template WordPress Theme


6.Medi+ – Fully Customizable, HTML5 + CSS3 WordPress Theme


7.Best Care – Retina


8. PetClinic – Translation Ready WordPress Theme


9.MEDICare – SEO Ready WordPress Themes for Health Professionals


10.Medicate – Responsive WordPress Themes for Doctors


11.Medicals+ – Minimal & Clean Design WordPress Thems


12.WelCare – SEO Optimized Theme


13.Medical – WordPress Themes best suited for Hospitals & Clinics


14.MedPark – Clean & Stylish Design


15.MedicalPlus – Drag & Drop Page Builder Theme


16.Care+ – Supports Unlimited Styles & Colors


17. Paeon – Easy to use medical & health wordpress themes

21   Hope enjoyed the compilation of themes listed here, let us know if have used any the themes for your site or you are planning to use any one of them.

Zoho Project – Next Generation Project Management Tool

When working on large projects with multiple teams it becomes tedious task to keep track of everything at once. To make life easier there are multiple project management tools available that help you keep the project on task. Zoho Projects is one such tool that help you manage your projects easily & collaborates teams on one single platform that will get you going in right direction.

Zoho being a leader in CRM solution provider knows the users requirements very well & created Zoho projects which is everything a project management tool does. Some of the interesting features of this tool


Feeds are highly visual interface that is easy to navigate & use which provide effective communication between team members & helps to collaborates on the projects in real time.

Collaboration Software

Have your team scattered around different locations?? Worry not as this tool empowers your team to come together & work as team from single location putting everyone on same page, so as to keep the conversation going.

Project Management Plan

With Zoho Projects you can keep your work organized in way that will monitor progress with dependency & capture every detail of work that will improve overall efficiency so that you never miss deadlines

Document Management

Document management is an integral part of any project management tool & with Zoho Projects all files are stored & organized centrally so that each one in the team is informed & have the latest copies of the files that are being shared.

Dropbox Integration

Sharing large documents is have been a difficult task, but now with Dropbox integration sharing all type & size of files is simple copy pasting task from one folder to another.

Google Apps

With Google Apps integration now it’s easy to sync your task in Gmail & Google calendars so that you can easily track high priority events & updates.

Win Big With the Right Web Design

Since the first commercial website emerged in 1991, the Internet has become an essential part of any company’s branding, as well as their marketing plan. When it comes to your company’s website, the design of the site is just as important as the message you are trying to convey. In order to ensure your message is reaching your customer base, the key is to keep your design simple and user-friendly. This is even more important if you’re in the business of running an online gambling website. Online gaming has exploded since the first site came online in 1994. With an estimated $4 to $6 billion in annual revenues, according to the American Gaming Association, you want to make sure your site stands out from the crowd.

Keeping up With Current Trends

Since Apple introduced the first smartphone in 2007, mobile betting through online gaming sites has been experiencing a huge increase. According to William Hill, the largest bookmaker in the United Kingdom, 2012 saw a 260 percent increase in mobile betting revenue with the numbers expected to continue to increase. It is in your best interest to keep this in mind when designing your online gaming site. When designing your site, you want your design and content to translate to any screen, whether it is a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The best way to ensure your site’s content will be able to be adapted to a variety of screens, is to create a responsive design. Unlike most company websites, a responsive site focuses specifically on the site’s performance, customer interaction, and user experience prioritization.

Maximizing Your Site’s Performance

Unless your customers are using a wireless network to utilize their phone’s data capabilities, their connection speeds will be significantly slower than that of a computer. In order to keep your customers from becoming frustrated at slow download times on their phones, keep your website images light, and your content simple. If you want your customers to be able to learn how to play poker online, be sure to highlight this information on your site.

Keeping User Interaction Simple

One of the most important aspects of your web design is how well your customers are able to interact with your site. This is especially true for gaming sites. With responsive design, this means your site controls will need to be properly designed so that their behavior doesn’t change if the site is being viewed on a different platform. The best way to test this out is to check the site on your smartphone as you design, so you can ensure consistency across the platforms.

Prioritizing Your User’s Experience

Your company’s call to action, or CTA, is its most important component. It is the thing that gets your site visitors to turn into loyal customers. This should be kept in mind when designing your online gambling site. If you follow the responsive design recommendations, your design will have properly sized and scaled images and controls, allowing your CTA to be displayed prominently no matter what size screen your customers are accessing your site from.

A responsive design will not only allow your site to be supported on a variety of screen sizes, but it will also save your company both time and money. Responsive design uses only one source code that can be seen across multiple platforms, reducing the amount of time your company will have to spend updating your site. With the ability to access your site from anywhere, your customers will be able to have fun placing their bets from home or on the go.

Business Cards design for your Business Marketing

I stand still strong every since I made a few business blunders myself but thank god, I didn’t make a capital damage. It was just that when I was beginning my little venture I had very less idea about all the essential stationery that is required. And one of them unfortunately was the business cards that I had conveniently forgotten because it simply didn’t occur to me.

So, why are business cards so important to your business? What a simple person starting a small business doesn’t know is that possibly if you are involved into service sector or product based then there are hefty chances that if your service is flawless then you will be recommended to many others by your customers who might be having their associates and colleagues who will be looking for something as similar to the one you are providing.

Pic 2


You even get on line business cards readied so that you can simply send it to your customers after you have completed a deal and they might want to keep necessary information regarding you. This gives them one stock information and it is a sure method of marketing for your business – trust me the customers might want to know more about the person with whom they are doing their business.

What with simple business deals that can go off well, your business gets that right kind of promotion also. Business cards for me proved to be great marketing tools because I had got them done – a bunch of them – in glossy and fine paper and some in matt designs. I am a big fan of using colorful cards and so I had my own unique design and font and format imprinted on it.

Business cards are no more reeling under the effect of the conventional realm of being plain white and rectangular. They are diversifying in style and essence and many people now prefer to get a huge variety of colors and fonts and textures to choose from so that they can get a funny and a goofy style of Business Card. Just by the normal standards, now business and business promotion too seems to have crossed the idea of the normal design that we are talking about. For traditional business men who have used only black and white this can be a fair change.

Pic 3

Also, I got a variety of colors to choose from in the background color of the card. This was the best part and I made a couple of flashy cards – I will call them – that were exclusively for my special customers and for some great probable causes when I might need to use them as a marketing tool. Remember one big thing – if you are there in the market, then market your business and give it a boost. It won’t work by sitting and wondering what the next best step is.

Guest Post by Christopher

Christopher is owner of a small time regular and local business. While he set up his business he made lot of positive marketing investments and included in them were attractive business cards.

10 Best Graphic Design Blogs Today

What makes for a great blog? Great content. Knowing what your readers want and giving it to them is the only way to launch and maintain a popular blog. When it comes to graphic designers, there’s no shortage of blogs with great content. Designers love tips, tricks, tutorials, interviews, inspiration, portfolios, freebies and other material published by many graphic design blogs. And given that many blogs publish the same type of material, it can be difficult to pick which to regularly read. There are hundreds of outstanding graphic design blogs out there, but here are my picks for the top 10 best graphic design blogs today. Do you agree?

1. Grain Edit

Grain Edit focuses on graphic design work produced from the 1950s to the 1970s and contemporary designers who are inspired by those styles. What I like is that you will find designs showcased here that you won’t find anywhere else, so you get a fresh perspective – even if the original styles are dated.

2. Just Creative

The blog of working designer Jacob Cass is a longtime favorite, primarily because Cass offers real-world, real useful information that others leave out.

3. Logo Design Love

Created by expert brand designer David Airey, Logo Design Love has an authentic voice and a penchant for relevance.

4. Designrfix

A mash up of various design topics, often written by guest contributors, Designrfix has a little of something for everyone. Its editors take care to ensure a unique experience.

5. Graphic Design Blender

You won’t find any Photoshop tutorials here. Instead, you’ll get advice about the business side of graphic design – a must-read for any graphic designer who wants to achieve greater success.

6. AisleOne

This blog is devoted to minimalist design, typography, grids and modernism — essentially, contemporary design.

7. Design Observer

If you want premium content, start with Design Observer. The articles are outstanding and written by expert sources.

8. Mark Boulton

Successful designer, publisher, and speaker Mark Boulton lends his unique insight into the world of design and also shares stories about some of his more interesting work on his blog.

9. Speckyboy

At first glance, it might seem like a catch-all; but make no mistake, this blog is well-edited and features articles about web design and more.

10. Naldz Graphics

Hands-down one of the most useful graphic design blogs on the web.


What’s your favorite graphic design blog?