XML Sitemap Generator For WordPress, Joomla & Other Websites

Sitemap is really important from SEO perspective as it helps get you inner pages of your website indexed faster & its always better to have sitemap created for your website as it helps search engine navigates it way through your website.  With these tutorial you will learn how you can create  sitemap for website in WordPress, Joomla. & Other websites.

Creating XML Sitemap for WordPress Site

As everyone knows WordPress is a flexible platform & has plugin for everything & yes you can simply use a plugin to generate sitemap for your WordPress driven site. The best plugin to do this job is Google XML Sitemaps Plugin.

This plugin is really dynamic in creating sitemaps, as you just need to install it configure it once according to your need & then just forget about it, as whenever you add new pages or post to your site it automatically includes them in the sitemap & you don’t have to create sitemap everytime anything new is added to your website.

Google XML Sitemap Plugin not only create sitemaps but also notify Search Engines when any new changes are done in your sitemaps. It easily configurable & most default settings are good enough for most of the websites.

Manually Rebuild Sitemap

Select Sitemap Content

Select Change Frequencies in Sitemap

You can directly Download Google XML Sitemap plugin from WordPress Plugin Gallery or Can search for Google XML Sitemap in your WordPress Admin & Installed it from there on.

Creating XML Sitemap For Joomla Sites

Even Joomla has a very powerful extension for creating sitemap for Joomla sites. Xmap extenstion for Joomla easily create different sitemaps like xml sitemap, html sitemap & Image sitemap for your website. Just Install this extension & locate it component menu & setup your xml sitemap for Joomla.

Xmap is also easily configurable, so within minutes your website would be sitemap ready.

Xmap Sitemap Generator For Joomla

Sitemap Generator For Joomla

Download Xmap Extention for Joomla

Creating XML Sitemap For Other Websites

If you website is not using a WordPress or Joomla CMS don’t worry there is still an easy way to create sitemap for your website as well. There are many online sitemap generator but I will suggest you to use a free software Xenu’s Link Sleuth, as it’s a powerful sitemap generator that can be used for generating sitemaps for any websites even if it’s a WordPress or Joomla Sites.

With Xenu you can create both XML & HTML sitemaps, Xenu also generate report for the links on your website where it show broken links & redirects added to any pages, so you can fix problem areas of your website easily.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Broken Links & Redirects

When creating sitemap with Xenu you need to take care of one thing that whenever you create new pages you need to recreate sitemap for the website & upload it to your server.

Download Xenu Link Sleuth Sitemap Generator

Hope you guys have found this post useful, If you used any other tool other then for creating sitemaps do let me know in the comments.

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