7 Must-Read Facebook Tutorials for Graphic Designers

Facebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, so whether you use Facebook for your own promotion or clients hire you to create Facebook-related designs for their own marketing purposes, you can learn some cool tips and tricks from the following seven must-read Facebook tutorials for graphic designers.

1. How to Combine Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo

This tutorial helps you identify creative ways to incorporate synergy between your cover photo and your profile picture, such as in the Corona label featured below.

2. Using Design to Increase Fans

Visual stimulation plays a major role in attracting and building a Facebook fan base. Pictures are what people want to see, so you need to give them plenty to look at. This tutorial details how to do incorporate images to build your fan base.


3. How Create an App for Timeline

Apps are a great way to get your fans to interact with your Facebook page. There are many ways you can incorporate apps into your page, and here’s a primer lesson on how to get started.


4. How to Make a Cover Photo Collage

Though this tutorial focuses more on a personal Facebook page, it also provides a valuable lesson on how the cover photo can be utilized for your Facebook business page.

5. Open Graph Intro Tutorial

Open Graph apps are a fantastic way to motivate fan interaction. This tutorial, made by Facebook itself, will help you take advantage of all the site’s promotional tools.


6. Visual Guides to Timeline

These infographics lend invaluable information regarding how visual cues can enhance your Facebook marketing efforts.


7. Creating the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

When it comes to Facebook, even the big boys can get it wrong. This tutorial not only shows you what you should be doing, it also gives examples of how not to do it!


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