10 Killer Ghost Design Photoshop Tutorials

Ghosts have haunted houses, literature, movies, television, artwork, and other media for as long as mankind has shared stories of the unknown. Ghosts in media feature many different manifestations, from “American Horror Story’s” living, breathing apparitions to the ethereal Will O’ the Wisps associated with bogs and marshes, to the transparent and unseen forces in haunted houses. Creating convincing ghosts in Photoshop takes more than applying a simple transparency, however; it requires deft skill learned via the following 10 killer ghost design Photoshop tutorials. Follow these step-by-step tutorial to make your own Photoshop ghosts.

 1.  Ghost Spotting in Any Photo

Give your family photos a macabre makeover with this freaky tutorial.

 2.  Ghost Figure Photoshop Tutorial

Put a ghostly figure in your favorite photos with this YouTube video tutorial.


3.  Ghostbusters Trap Photoshop Tutorial

If you want to recreate a Ghostbusters hunt, you know who to call!


4.  Ghost In The Landscape

This tutorial shows you how to make a deer transparent so it looks like a ghost in the wilderness, but it could be applied to human subjects just as easily.


5.  Ghost Scene Photoshop Tutorials

A girl is surrounded by ghostly wisps you’ll learn to make in this fascinating Photoshop tutorial.


6.  Ghost Love Story

Craft a ghostly romance scene that features a letter-writing woman and the ghost of her lover.


 7.  Ghost Photo Tutorial

This is another excellent tutorial that shows you how to place a ghostly image in a photograph. It’s one of my favorites, because the result looks strikingly similar to the “real” ghost photos investigated by ghost hunters.

8.  Gothic Ghost Scene

This tutorial isn’t limited to the ghostly image; it shows you how to create an entire Gothic scene.  Creepy!


9.  See-Through Ghost Tutorial

Learn how to use transparency to effectively make a convincing ghost in any photo or graphic design.


 10.  Menacing Ghost Painting in Photoshop

This tutorial features a terrifying ghost, and shows you how to use advanced Photoshop design techniques to give your ghostly design a painted appeal.

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