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WordPress is immensely popular among CMS (Content Management System) users because it has a vast number of plug-in. Plug-in helps users to enhance their experience vastly. There is virtually nothing that plug-in cannot do – they can help users to navigate the website with ease, enhance the use of fonts, monitor site performance, help in SEO performance and of course they can make your images and photos look great.

Plug-in can also help to link your blog with social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and even help you optimize your web pages to download faster. This is only the tip of the iceberg, there is more to plug-in than you may have imagined.

Little we need to say about the importance of graphics, images and videos for your website. They not only help to illustrate your writings, but also help you to say everything in a nutshell. Images and photos play a very important role in bringing more visitors to your blogs or website, and more important they must be friendly toward users who may have slow internet connection which can hinder user experience.

By installing special plug-in for photos on your website, you can enhance your WordPress blog by leaps and bounds. You should also consider making your website responsive. By making it compatible with different screen sizes, you will be able to win more visitors, and at the same time be able give them a better experience.

Here are some plug-in you must try on your WordPress blog.


The principal object of Hammy is to generate multiple sizes of the images you load on your website. It helps to present the right size to your blog viewers, by resizing them appropriately for their screen. Mobile users will particularly find the feature very useful. Hammy depends on the new WP 3.5 image code for performance and that means it does not have to depend on any external codes to run it.

One of the special features of Hammy is it is compatible with Retina display and re-filters the image every single time, and that makes it compatible with a large number of image sizes. You also get great support for Hammy and it is also easy to install.

Hammy is compatible with WordPress version 3.5 and up to 3.5.1. To download the latest version of the plug-in click here.

Lazy Load

Lazy Load is great when you expect your users to have low internet speed (users with high speed connection also benefit). Lazy Load achieves this by loading the image or photo only when it is visible to the viewer. Installing the plug-in is fairly simple, and all that you have to do is upload the plug-in to the directory and activate it through the Plugins menu in WordPress. You will particularly like the fact that Lazy Load uses jQuery.sonar.

To learn more about the plug-in, installation instructions, screen shots and support click here. Lazy Load is compatible with WordPress version 3.2 and higher up to 3.4.2. More than 35,000 users are already using it. You can download the latest version of the plug-in by clicking here.


The advantage of using Imsanity is you don’t have to bother about resizing the images you upload on your website. It will automatically resize it to a compatible size when sending them to browsers. This can immensely save you time and effort. More than the advantage that accrues to you, it also helps others who may be uploading their images and photos in the same way as it helps you. If you already have a large repository of photos and images, then Imsanity is for you because you can use for bulk resizing as well.

The other features users like are height to width configuration, BMP to JPEG conversion for optimization and scaling. Once the images and photos are resized there is very little attention you may have to give further.

For using Imsanity to work, you should have WordPress version 2.9 or higher up to 3.4.2 running your website. Imsanity has been downloaded more than 20,000 times. The latest version of Imsanity is 2.1.6. To download the plug-in click here.

CW Image Optimizer

CW Image Optimizer is ideal for those who want to resize their photos and images without losing on quality. Another advantage of the plug-in is you can also optimize the images and photos you have already loaded on your blog. The main advantage of using this plug-in is does not compromise on quality in spite of the reduced file size, help make faster backups of images and photos and consumes lesser bandwidth for you and your users. Still a bigger advantage of this plug-in is it does all the processing on your server itself without the need for third-party intervention.

For support and other details click here. The run CW Image Optimizer your WordPress blog must run on version 2.9 or higher and up to 3.5.1. CW Image Optimizer has been downloaded by more than 12,000 users so far. To download the latest version 1.1.9 click here.

PB Responsive Images

No modern website that has mass visitors in mind can ignore this plug-in. If you are already the writing on the walls you must be aware of the fact that blog readers are increasingly using mobile devices to do it. For them images can be problem if they don’t fit well in their screen. PB Responsive Images plug-in solves this problem by resizing the images to fit most handheld devices. Help for using the plug-in is available on the ‘Help’ tab of the plug-in itself. You can make use of the tab for configuring the plug-in to fit your requirements.

Your WordPress installation must be at least version 3.0 or higher and up to 3.4.2. There is a learning curve to the plug-in, but considering the usefulness, you shouldn’t mind that. Users have rated this plug-in high, and you should consider it seriously for your website.

For installation details, screen shots, reviews and information for developers click here. To download the latest version of PB Responsive Images click here.

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