Keep Your Favorite Photos Safe With These Backup Methods

Whether you’re a casual-yet-enthusiastic street photographer or someone who likes to take pictures of friends and family, keeping your precious photos safe is undoubtedly a priority. However, leaving them on the cameras memory card isn’t the solution.

We suggest using any two of the following methods of backup, to ensure the safety of these cherished images:



1. External Storage Devices

It’s pretty simple: Take out the memory stick or card from your camera, insert it in your computer and then choose your external storage device of choice:

CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc: Standard versions of these media use an aluminum alloy in the manufacturing process, which is highly susceptible to corrosion. Buy the gold versions for archive-quality durability and reliability.

Thumb or Flash Drives: These are easy to transport, but don’t offer a lot of storage capacity.

Portable External Hard Drives: Larger storage capacity, less portability.

Make multiple copies and vary your options for optimal storage. If one fails or is lost, you’ll have a backup of the backup.

2. Cloud-Based Methods

Cloud-based methods of backup are exploding in popularity. The cloud enables you to store your documents, images and media safe and secure online. If you’re unsure about how these work, there are ample cloud storage for dummies tutorials available. Simply put, cloud-based backup means your images are stored at a remote location that can be safely accessed online.

By using the cloud and one of the previously mentioned external storage devices, you’ll have a strong combination of backup. Look for easily integrated solutions that offer multiple management solutions. Link the camera to your computer and create a couple of discs with a cloud-based sync. You’ll be a pro at cloud-based backup in no time.

3. Online Galleries

If you don’t have time to use an external storage device and you want an additional method to back up your data, why not use an online gallery? This is another form of online storage. Simply open an account with an online gallery service (think Flickr, Shutterfly or Photobucket) that stores your photos online. Not only does this method provide a backup solution for you, but youll have a mechanism to share and order pictures, too.

Backing up your photos doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming; just save them to your desktop, laptop or tablet, and then go for any one-two backup combinations above (if you’re unsure what format you should be saving them in, investigate which format is best for what). If that’s a thumb drive and an online gallery, great; if it’s with a Blu-ray and a cloud-based solution, that works just as well, too. Whether you choose an external device, cloud-based option or a company that offers online backups, you can be assured that your images will be available, safe and easy to access from anywhere.

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