Comment Spam On Blog That I Hate & How To Fight Them

One of the main problems of blogger face is receiving spam comments on their blog post. This type of comments has nothing to do with the post and have been just posted to market their website or for SEO purpose. Blogger receive 100’s or may be 1000’s of comments daily that are spam.

Most of the time this comments have crappy keywords in the name section & inner page url’s, I really don’t like comments solely for the purpose of SEO or marketing. I don’t mind keyword luv on my blog but putting a generic or totally unrelated comments on the blog post is what I hate the most.

If you are WordPress then using Akismet plugin for WordPress then it will save you lots of hard work of deleting such spam comment, but still their certain comments that pass through the Akismet & land up in your comment area. You can alternately use WP Spam Free which also effective in blocking spam comments.

Spam Comment - Akismet Plugin For WordPress

How To Find Comment Is Spam?

In case your Akismet & WP Spam Free are still passing spam comments to your dashboard than you can use following manual method to check weather comments are spam or not.

1. Copy the comment you received & paste it into Google search if it appears on many website then the comment is spam for sure.

2. The comment you received has nothing to do with the post where the comment is found.

3. Name would include keywords & URL will have inner page link to their website.

4. Getting lots of comment from same IP address.

I have listed 15 Comments that I wish I don’t receive on my blogs.

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Hope you found this article helpful & if you fill the same please help spread the word about the comment spam, Let me know your views on spam comments in our comment section (Hope you will not spam, just kidding).

Nikunj Tamboli

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  • Thanks for posting those spam comments, actually been meaning to get together some of my favorites for awhile now and post them! It’s kinda scary at times how good bots have gotten at inserting your titles and keywords from posts into the comments. Almost makes it look like a real person has read your blog then made a comment, oh yeah not to mention shoving a million links to online pharmacies lol.

  • Gheban says:

    Hey there,

    I totally agree with you on mind boggling spams that span across the sites. I use wordpress theme and lately I receive tones of posted comments totally unrelated to the page they post the comment. I see you have suggested Akismet or WP Spam Free, but when I checked Akismet, it requires subscription. I haven’t tried WP Spam Free and may be I will check that. My question to you is if unrelated comments are posted on my site with unrelated keywords, and if I accedentally approve them, does that have any impact on my site’s SEO credibility? Thanks for advocating spam free environment.


  • Hi Gheban,

    Yes unrelated comments are harmful to your blog & its best that you avoid them. Also those comments are automated & are for link building.