Add Google Plus Updates in Your Mail Signature

Google Plus (G+) has been launched a few months back with a twist in the lives of social networking website users. Its unique selling point is Google Plus circles, which lets the users share different content with different sets of users. There is also an option to keep a status update on G+ open to public, and these are the messages that users might want to share more often, as they reach out to a large number of people.

Hence, integrating the public status message with the email signature may be welcomed by a majority of G+ users, as they might be able to get important messages across to non G+ users without rewriting it along with the emails. In order to facilitate this, WiseStamp, a company that specializes in email signatures, has developed an add-on for Firefox and Chrome that lets G+ users automatically append their latest G+ status to their outgoing emails.

WiseStamp, when downloaded and installed, automatically detects the kind of browser the user is using (Firefox or Chrome), and installs the respective plug-in for that browser. In case someone likes to use both browsers, the WiseStamp plug-in needs to be manually installed in two separate instances. Once the plug-in has been installed, G+ needs to be added to the list of Social Icons present in the WiseStamp toolbar, and a link to the user’s G+ profile needs to be mentioned, and that is all, the G+ public status message gets automatically added to the email signature.

WiseStamp currently works with all major webmail services including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and AOL mail. It can also be configured to be used with Thuderbird and Flock.

Although other webmails are not officially supported by WiseStamp, it may still work, possibly with a manual insertion of the signature. WiseStamp can also be used for other Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
The plus point of using WiseStamp for Google Plus is that it not only lets the user automatically share their status updated via email, but also provides a link to existing G+ users for adding the person to their circles. This additional functionality, which has been made possible because of Google Plus’s circle concept, should drive the growth of both WiseStamp as well as G+.

Google Plus has still not been able to replace Facebook in terms of social media reach, and there still exist a large number of users to are regulars on Facebook but do not touch G+ at all. This new collaborative effort from WiseStamp and Google may lead to better adoption of G+ among social networking users.

Final Words

WiseStamp may be downloaded from if you wish to install it for two different browsers. The download and installation is quick and free, and once installed, a quick tour explains how to set up and use WiseStamp. The simple and fast one time set up aims at saving a lot of valuable time for social networking fans.

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