Showcase of The Dark Knight Rises Movie Posters

The Dark Knight Rises have been released in the theaters today. The movie have already been making lots of buzz with its trailer, cast & story it seems one of the most anticipated movie of the year. The designer & visual artists around the world have created some of the most mind boggling poster design right from minimalist to advance 3d graphics posters of the movie “The Dark Knight rises” which i believe will be the source of inspiration for newbie designer & visual artist.

In today’s post I am showcasing the most amazing The Dark Knight Rises Movie Poster Design from the web.If your planning to get this poster printed I suggest you use PrintRunner as they are offering sales on various printing services.

Let the Showcase began………

1. The Dark Knight Rises – Body Suit

 2. The Dark Knight Rises – Bane Minimalist Poster

 3. The Dark Knight Minimalist Poster

 4. The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Poster

 5.Cat Women – The Dark Knight Movie Poster

 6. Bat Flying in Batman shape

 7.Batman Logo Tattoo on Bane Back

 8. Batman & Bane Minimal Poster

 9. Batman – The Dark Knight Rises Minimal Movie Poster

  10. Batman/Catwomen Minimal Poster Design

 11. Bane / Batman / Catwomen Poster Design

 12.Batman – Black Poster

 13.The Legend

 14. Bane

  15. Every Journey Has An End

 16.Batman & The City

 17. Break Out

 18. Batman Sketch

 19.Batman Vs Bane

 20. The Bane

 21.The Dark Knight Rises

22.The Legend Ends

 23.The Bat

24.The Batman

 25. Rises

Your Turn

So did you like any of the The Dark Knight Rises poster design listed here? Let us know in the comment which is your favorite poster design.

Note: All the posters are taken from various sources on internet including pinterest. If you are the designers of any the poster listed above please email with so that I can added image credit link back to your work.





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