26 Eye Catching Skins For Laptop

Laptop skins are best way to protect your laptop against scratches, but designer have taken that to all new level by introducing the element of art into it. This custom laptop skins will not only protect your laptop, but also make it look so awesome that everyone will keep on asking  you from where do you get one. There are couple of really cool websites which also allow you to make your own laptop skin design.

I have shared hear 25 Awesome looking Laptop Skin which are definitely worth buying & I know you would like to get your hands on them. so go ahead & pick one for your laptop.


1.Laptop Skin Paris

Laptop Skin Paris

2.Berlin Laptop Skins

Berlin laptop skins

3.London Laptop Skin

London laptop skin cover

4.Tokyo Laptop Skin

Tokyo Laptop Skin

5.LosAngeles Skins For Laptops

LosAngeles skins for laptops

6.Baltimore Docks Cool Laptop Skins

7. NYC 15.6 laptop skin

8.Going Home Laptop Skin

9.Old Skool Laptop Skin

10.Guitar Gero Laptop Skin

11.Boombox Skin


13.Buzz LightYear Laptop Skin


14.Landscape Skin For Laptop

15.Motherboard Laptop Skin

16.Liberation Laptop Skin

Liberation laptop skin cover


17.Bookshelf Cool Laptop Skin

Bookshelf cool laptop skin

18.MusicCastle 15.6 Laptop Skin

MusicCastle 15.6 laptop skin

19.Cards skins For Laptops

Cards skins for laptops

20.BIO HAZARD 15.6 Laptop Skin

BIO HAZARD 15.6 laptop skin


21.Jumbo Shot Laptop Skin Cover

 jumbo_shot laptop skin cover



22.US Flag Laptop Skin

 Stars and Stripes  laptop skin cover



23.England Flag Laptop Skin

England laptop skin



24.Canada Flag Laptop Skin


25.Italy Flag Laptop Skin


26.Love Laptop Skin


Tell us which skin do you like the most. I liked all the city skins at beginning of the article.

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  • akri says:

    the image is good

  • sheetal says:

    Nice collection there, would have loved to see where we can get this collection in India .

    Laptop skins in india is hard to find..except for theskinmantra.com or inkfrut.com…both have great collection with very good quality and reasonable pricing , but inkfrut has size limitation where as theskinmantra customize it to your laptop size. But Inkfrut offers Cash On Delivery…..

    Quality wise theskinmantra is quite better , where as inkfrut was hard to peel off and took off my logo when I tried to peel it off….but im happy with both and have tried others from physical stores in Nehru Place , which were patehtic in quality