WebyLife Completes 1st Year In Blogging


Wow, Cant believe that WebyLife completed 1 year in blogging, It was really an interesting journey for me with my blog. As WebyLife celebrates its 1 year of blogging, I go down the memory lane to share with my readers that how does it all started.WebyLife 1st Anniversary

How It All Started

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It all started with my interest rising in website designing & development, I have continuously working on my skills & initially started with Joomla CMS & then further moved on to WordPress, which have now became 1st love for developing website. I started planning to start blog from January with finding appropriate web hosting to writing articles & selecting domain name for the blog.

For me, domain name selection was the toughest job of all, because I knew that it is the one thing that will stay with me forever. So I spent almost 15 days researching for the domain name & came up with WebyLife & its pronouce as Web-e-Life.

My Blogging Inspirations

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There is always some inspiration behind things you do & yes even I was inspired for blogging for some of the famous blogs. From all the available the one that really inspired me wereย  Smashing Magazine, 1stWebDesigner & Naldz Graphics.

Smashing Magazine is one of the best blog in design community & anyone in design community should always follow this blog for all the latest things in design & development, I really keen on getting WebyLife included in the Smashing Network, hope it happens really soon.

From, 1stWebDesigner I learned lots of things regarding WordPress, HTML,PHP & CSS they have some really useful tutorials written in plain English so that even a newbie can understand, which I loved the most about the blog. Also I have got opportunity to write few Guest Post for them which you can find it here: http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/author/nikunjt/.

Naldz Graphics is my biggest inspiration for design related stuff, the idea of using a character for WebyLife came from Naldz Graphics. It also shares some really awesome list post regarding design which I enjoy the most.

WebyLife Few Achievements

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RSS Subscriber: 100+

Twitter Followers: 2500+

Facebook Fans: 280+

PageRank: 3

Alexa Rank: 146,501

Monthly Traffic: 4000+

Included at Alltop.com @



Approved by BuySellAds.com @ http://buysellads.com/buy/detail/49640

What I Have Learned

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During the past 1 year I have learned lots of things from blogging some of important things are:

1. Dont blog keeping money in mind, blog for readers.

2. Blog on topic in which you are interested & you have proper knowledge about.

3. Research is important before writing anything.

4. Socializing is important, make friends with other bloggers.

5. Dont ever copy content from other blogs.

Future Plans

I will increase the frequency of posting articles, not only I be posting in quantity but also maintain high quality in each articles that will help WebyLife readers, Also I working on the new design & I am shortly starting 2 new blogs which are SEO Blog & Music Blog, so stay tuned to groove & learn new things.

I would like to thanks my readers, friends & guest authors who had made this thing possible. Also I like to hear feedback’s & suggestions, so do let us know what are changes you are looking forward to orย  If you have any question or required my help regarding design & blogging, do get in touch with me, I would be happy to help.

P.S : There is a Giveaway Post coming soon to celebrates WebyLife 1st Anniversary, so get ready to win some gifts.


Nikunj Tamboli

I am passionate about my work & love the creative world of web, technology & social media.In spare time I indulge myself into blogging, photography & creating beautiful WordPress sites. You can find me on Twitter @ nikunjt & Get more info about my work at SEO Blog


  • Rahul Banker says:

    Many congratulations to your blog and good cheers to you, Nikunj and wonderful to know that its a PR3 blog already ๐Ÿ™‚ good going and wish you lots of luck for the upcoming future ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks Rahul for your wishes, even you got a wonderful blog & I am a regular reader of your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yogesh Patel says:

    Wow….and Congrats to you. Within one year you have gained 64 backlinks, PR 3 and much more. What can you expect more. Can you share you revenue?