WebyLife Celebrates 2nd Year in Blogging

Today WebyLife is celebrating its 2nd Birthday & it has been a great journey so far for me & my blog. I would like to thank all the readers, guest bloggers, friends & fellow bloggers who have helped WebyLife reach where it is today. 2011 was a year  of ups & downs, from getting an offer to sell the blog to completely going off the web. It has gone through a tough times & in the end it dealt with all.

With this post I will be sharing how the last year had been, what are the future plans for the blog & 3 secrets about WebyLife you did not knew.

Year of Guest Bloggers

It has been year of guest blogger, many blogger from the around the world have contributed great posts for WebyLife readers. I would specially like to thank all the guest bloggers who have contributed to the growth of the blog. If you are a writer & looking  to write on topics like design, user experience, social media, resources &  inspiration then WebyLife is a good platform for you guys to start. Get in touch with us as we are open for guest blogging 365 days a year.

Fall & Rise of WebyLife

WebyLife had its own good & bad moments, from getting highest traffic in November to completely shutting down the blog for a month due to malware attack.It was a real tough time for me, as I had to make a decision to take down the blog for almost a month, due to lack of time & other priorities. But, I was determined to revived my blog & make it even more better. So I relaunched it with new design in February & after week’s time I seen my blog grow better than ever with bounce rate reduce to 7% from 70% &  PageViews  improved to 3 page per visit.

Hence WebyLife was true to the saying that “Things that don’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Future Plans

Many ideas in mind, few prioritized things that I would definitely like to work on are listed below.

  • Articles Focused on Design, User Experience, Inspiration & Design Resources.
  • Starting with multiple Blogazine posts on WebyLife.
  • Getting WebyLife include into Smashing Magazine Network.
  • Starting my own network of blogs.

Popular Post @ WebyLife

Here are some of the most popular post on WebyLife, as you can see out of 3 post 2 post are guest post.


3 Secrets About WebyLife

  •  I have launched the blog on the same day as my mom’s birthday.
  •  Almost all my post are edited by Varsha Ijari my long time girlfriend & now my wife.
  • The name Weby came into existence due my spelling mistake.


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