Things You Might Not Know about Mobile Applications

It is indeed thought-provoking to note that while we use mobile applications every day to the point that our work, studies, entertainment, and everyday lives have all become very dependent on them, we really have little idea on the surrounding details about these applications.

Beyond knowing that the word“apps” is merely the shortcut for applications and the fact that some are available for free, while others are sold at a specific price, we really know very little—or maybe nothing at all—about them. This article will show you some remarkable facts about mobile applications that you probably don’t know yet. Listed below are some of them.

1.      There are four major app stores, namely: Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Ovi. These app stores offer various (and sometimes, overlapping) applications which may or may not be available to certain brands of gadgets. These categories should be distinguished from “Platforms” which are places or devices on which these applications run.

 2.      According to the latest data, majority or 57% of Android apps are available for free.On the other hand, some seven per cent of the population who own either an iPhone or an iPod have spent more than fifty dollars on game-related Apple applications.

 3.      The most number of application users get these applications through Facebook. Recent statistics provide that a staggering 500 million application users are on Facebook. Second to this are the iPhone users which have been recorded to be about 120 million.

4.      Surveys reveal that 30% of iPhone users are gaming daily. The survey further details that majority of these games are puzzle-types.

5.      In connection with this, it was also revealed that the application known as Angry Birds remain to be the top performing application for iPhone users. This is evidenced by the fact that the application is still the most downloaded game into iPhone handsets.

6.      The average price per downloaded application also differs among the three platforms. All Facebook apps are for free; iPhone apps are downloadable on an average price of $2.43. Android apps are much more expensive with an average price of $2.96 per application.

7.      There are currently 40,200 individuals developing application for iPhones around the world.

 8.      Former exclusively iPhone apps have recently been released in versions which can run in Android gadgets. This development has made many Android users very happy.

9.      When it was released in 2010, Skype’s 3G iPhone app was downloaded more than five million times in just a few days. In the same year, more than two million users used Opera Mini in their iPhones.

 10.  Lastly, as per pronouncements from recent surveys, some 250,000 applications are available for download to iPhone users.This number grows more each day as developers come up with and update more applications every day.

These are just some of the most interesting statistics surrounding the available applications for mobile phones, specifically iPhones. When you stop to really think about these numbers, you will just get dizzy and realize that all these, are just manifestations of the fact that the creativity of the human mind is indeed infinite.

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