The Power of Smart Phones in E-commerce

Change is the only constant thing in life and this statement can be actively seen in the way the world shops. Traditionally, paying a visit to your local utility/grocery shops was the way to go but as the use of the internet became popular, shopping took a turn for modernity. And then, the use of the PC became the people’s choice for carrying out transactions due to the fact that you can purchase an item from the comfort of your room. As the 21st century rolled by, a new device known as the smart phone was invented and this device is now challenging both the PC and physical shops for supremacy in providing customers with the easiest platform to shop. Statistics have shown that smart phones have been involved in over 90 percent of transactions that occur in the United States. These statistics declare that even though the actual transactions might not be done with a smart phone, a phase such as researching on what to buy or where to buy is done with it.

The popularity of the use of the smart phone in shopping is due to numerous factors which include:

1. The ease in which transactions can be carried out on E-commerce sites. With just few clicks a customer can either pick his favourite item and store in a virtual cart to be purchased later or a customer can compare products using comparison shopping engines & purchase an item directly online and ship it to his preferred destination.

2. Smart Phone devices make shopping very easy on the go. You could be in a class, at work or in a train and at the same time be purchasing your favourite grocery or shoes. This flexibility has made the smart phone a powerful tool in E-commerce transactions.

3. The smart phone can also be used to transfer funds from your bank directly to an online account to make payments and this is accomplished by a few clicks in minutes.

This powerful tool is an E-commerce solution to the numerous problems of payment and receiving of funds by E-commerce website owners. The question of how you as a customer or an E-commerce business owner can take advantage of smart mobile devices in performing your daily business transactions. This question has been answered below:

How E-commerce Website Owners can take Advantage of the Smart phone

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Some E-commerce website owners know the significance of the use of smart phones and have created friendly user interface to support it while most still fear carrying out business transactions online. The advantages far outweigh the risks and they include:

1. Reaching a Wider Range of Customers: The internet has turned the world into a global village therefore an E-commerce web page has the capacity to reach clients worldwide. Enabling a Mobile feature on an E-commerce web page provides ease of access to all smart phone users in the world and we all know this means an increase in profit.

2. Third Party Payment: An E-commerce web design that features third party payment plans such as paypal, provides its owner and his or her clients an easy way to make and receive payments. The use of smart phones in E-commerce has eliminated the need to go from one shop to another while handling physical cash.


The advantage the use of Smart phones on E-commerce websites brings to customers.

Smart Phone devices are used mostly by young people to purchase items online but elderly members of the society are catching on to its use on E-commerce sites. The advantages it provides to customers are:

A) Carrying out Transactions On the Go: The smart phone helps customers engage themselves multi-tasking anywhere an internet network is available. You can buy the latest musical CDs while simultaneously going for an evening stroll or participating in other duties.

B) Researching Brands and Prices: The smart phone devices bring hundreds of E-commerce sites selling different brands of the item of your choice at diverse prices therefore providing you with vital information on the goods that would help you reach a decision.

C) Smart Payments: The smart phone combined with E-commerce sites provide customers with features that support funds transfer online and this can be used to pay and receive payments.

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