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Facebook is doing everything it can to keep users engaged with their website & grow their network more rapidly. Despite of many people opposing new privacy rules by Facebook its clear that its going to stay. Few months back they have launched the Like button which enables users to make connections to your pages and share content back to their friends on Facebook, which proved to be of great success as more then 5 million website already implemented it. Now Mark Zuckerberg is doing everything it takes to keep Facebook as the most used social networking website & with 400 million active users he is doing well.

Adding like button to comments is a wise decision as it will surely increase the interactivity of users on what other comments on topic, but i would surely appreciate a dislike button, which many Facebook users would agree with me on the dislike button.

The Like button in the comments are surely gone be a hit as many of the other Facebook features have been. So when anyone click on Like button in your comments or to your comments, all the people who have commented, who have posted the topic & yourself will be notified via notification.

Facebook Like Buttons in CommentsThe new like button for the comments in Facebook is already live, with this new feature people will definitely increase their time spend on Facebook. So people do you Like this idea of Facebook Like Button in Comments? I would like to know your comments of that. 🙂

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