An old article of mine written on 31/01/09, but  worth a view. hope you enjoy reading it.

Today as usual I was using google search, then I came to know there is some problem with google it was showing the ERROR : THIS SITE MAY HARM YOUR COMPUTER, on each and very website it has listed in its directory for first I thought my computer must have been infected by some virus, So I decided to call my friend to confirm this, but he also got same error. So I knew Something was wrong with the GOOGLE. This problem preveild for more then half an hour, accessing website through google search was not possible it was showing the warning page about the safe browsing method. Then I thought was this the end of google search???

Google has became an Integral part of many people life, Starting form finding any information on net people use it frequently. We are so addicted to Google that for each and every thing we use google to search for example even if Iwant to watch movie instead of checking the timings in news paper I Google the movie name to find the show timing. Some time it helps but still such addition is not good. As I write this blog the problem that i was talking about has already been solved.

But Still imagine life if we dont have Google, will it matter most or we will move on to some other alternative. I think there will time when Google itself will die. May be I am not sure but what I have seen from so many years that people are changing and are willing to try new resources.For example Yahoo was only popular website I knew before 10 years & Yahoo Chat was the only thing I was using to chat, but for now I used Orkut, FaceBook, Myspace to get in touch with my friends. That does not mean Yahoo has died of completly but the popularity it has been having has been lost. So I think this is what Google is going to face sooner or later.

Till then, Happy Googling.

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