IronMan 2 Augmented Reality Experience

IronMan Augmented Reality Video – I am IronMan

This is the best example how technology is changing rapidly. For those who are not familiar with augmented reality, its simple definition is combination of real & virtual world. This campaign shows one of the  best use of augmented reality technology. The movie IronMan 2 is being promoted through this. The concept they are using is simple & clear “I am IronMan”. Yes you can too be IronMan, not in reality, but in augmented reality.

If you desire to see yourself in cool IronMan suit you just need to have a webcam, flash enable browser & fast internet connection. Now you need to go to the website follow the simple step, download a simple plugin offered by the site , install it & enable your webcam through the website. So you are all ready to see you self wearing the IronMan Helmet.

You have Four Options to choose from, you can see yourself as IronMan or as War Machine. Also you can choose inside the helmet view of each suit. As you can see in the image you can select the four option present on top corners of the screen.

Iron Man 2 - Augmented Reality Experience

The other best part is that you can record your own 25 sec video and can directly publish it on Facebook, Twitter or Embedded it on your own website.

Iron Man 2 - Augmented Reality Experience

Check Out the video I have created.

You can go on and easily create videos, go on use your creativity & create some awesome videos. See yourself as IronMan dont miss the experience. Share your video links in the comments section.

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