5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Whether you have a blog or a commercial website, it’s likely that you want plenty of people to visit it. Employing specific strategies can help you to not only bring in more viewers but to keep them coming back time and time again.

Please make note that this tips wont sky rocket the number of website visitors but will add a percentage of visitors which will gradually increase with time.

So follow these simple but effective tips that will help you improve no of visitors to your site.

1. Make It Pretty

No one wants to look at a boring website, so jazz yours up. Do you have a blog about craft projects? Well, post your finished work on the website. Even if you don’t have photographs of your products or masterpieces, find some backdrops or patterns that have to do with your theme or concept.

2. Use SEO Strategies

Most likely, you have sent your website’s link to some of your family members and friends, but you want to draw in the general web surfer population too. Hire an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist, or employ the tactics yourself. If you have a website about organic vegetarian cooking, insert words and phrases that relate to the topics, such as “organic,” “natural,” “going organic” and “going vegetarian.” Make sure you use these words and phrases fluidly and naturally. No one wants to read a website that sounds as though it has been dictated and written by a computer!

3. Use Social Media

In addition to your closest companions and web surfers whom you’ve never met, you want to reach out to everyone in between. Make a Facebook page for your blog or website so that people can find it when they are looking for interests that match their own. You should also include the link to your website in your status on a regular basis. But don’t start spamming people! Spamming is a sure way to get people to entirely avoid your webpage. When you make a new post or put up a new product, add the link to your page and send it to people who might like it.

4. Hold Contests

Everyone loves to compete for prizes, and it’s even better when you have an awesome prize. Give away prizes that have to do with your product so that people are inspired to buy more. For example, if you have a website that sells handmade blankets, offer a small custom blanket to the winner of the competition. This will give you a chance to showcase your talents to a wider audience and to make them want to come back to your virtual storefront.

5. Widespread Domains

Perhaps you are not yet at the point where you have your own domain name. Choose a domain that people are familiar with such as WordPress. By doing so, you will have a wider community of people who might read your blog. Other writers in the community will be browsing, and surfers will be looking for site names that they can trust.

Final Thoughts

Building more traffic for your website will take some time, so you cannot expect it to happen overnight. However, if you’re really dedicated to the success of your blog or virtual storefront–as we’re sure you are!–you’ll be happy to put in the time and effort until it works.

 Guest Post by Josh

Josh Blum enjoys graphic design, web renovations, and is a contributing blogger for backgroundcheck.org

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