ersonalize-Custom Username For Facebook Profile Page & Fan Page

How To Get A Personalize-Custom Username For Facebook Profile Page & Fan Page

Facebook offers you with personalized web address for your profile which would look something similar to But when you sign up for Facebook  you do not get this custom web address directly for profile & fan page and your profile page address would look something like this, which make it difficult for you to share with others.

Just follow the tutorial below & get your personalized web address from Facebook. Which you can share with your friends & it may also appear in search engine when you type your name & search for it.

So Let start with the Tutorial how to get it yourself, It pretty easy and probably take 2 minutes of your time.

Important Note: Once you set the profile/fan page name you cant change it, so choose the name wisely.

1. First Logged into your Facebook account.

2. Now Navigate to

3.After that you will see some information as image below.

Custom Name for Facebook Profile-Fan Page

4.Now either you can choose the available option or can get any other desired username & click on check availability.

Custom Name for Facebook Profile-Fan Page

5.After that a window will Pop-up like asking you to confirm.

Custom Name for Facebook Profile-Fan Page

6.That it you are done, now you have your own custom username for your profile page.

Custom Name for Facebook Profile-Fan Page

For the Fan Page you can need to follow the same step mention above and now you need to set a name for your page.

so now you can share this Address/URL of your profile/fan page with your friends easily.

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