How Serious Are You About Your Blog?

Blogging has become a way of life for many people on the Internet. Some have grown accustomed to occasional posts of what matters most the them while others have turned it into a full-time career. Regardless of how often you post your content, do you really take your blog as serious as you should? There are many ways you can add more appeal to your blog and create an empire of entertainment and information all from the comfort of your home.

1. Social Media Integration

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Adding social media buttons to your blog can help your readers share the content with others. It is a great method of advertising without investment aside from writing your content. For WordPress, using the AddThis plugin lets you add various social media links including Facebook and Pinterest to every post. Creating profiles on these social sites could have great rewards as well. It is the most cost effective way to promote your blog without the hassle of an advertising budget. The more exposure your blog has, the better off it will be.

2. Blogcast Radio

Internet radio is quite a popular format and adding your own “station” to your site could increase interest in your content. Much like “podcasts,” many sites offer assistance to those interested in providing these blogcasts into players of all kinds. Some of these providers will even help you setup a live call-in radio show for your blog.

3. YouTube Content


Adding YouTube content as a visual aid could drive your message deep into the minds of your readers. If you have a YouTube account and produce your own videos, this could be a great extension to developing your blog as a media hub. YouTube videos can gain the attention of search engines and others who want to embed your videos on their own website because they enjoyed your message. You could be getting visitors from countries you’ve never heard from.

4. Consistency

Subscribers of blogs love consistency and frequent updates. Provide your readers with current and constant content and they will keep coming back for more. You may keep a few regular readers by posting one or two pages per month, but you’d be wasting the potential of your website. Some successful bloggers could put in three posts or more per day in order to generate enough traffic to supplement a full-time income.

5. Mobile App Readers


There are several companies on the Internet that will assist you in developing mobile device app readers. These apps will stream the most current posts of your website to those who installed the application. These apps are tailor made in order to share your content on a mobile device without worry of resolution sizes and code restrictions of smaller hand-held screens. These apps can be added to your blog’s website as an installable feature for Android and iOS devices.

6. Guest Blogging


Many blogs will offer a guest blog post on the website. These posts usually allow a short bio of the guest including a link back to his or her actual website. Although this could help you gain traffic through links from those websites, it could also help you if you were to offer that same guest ability. This would help you generate a great deal of content for the search engines and help increase your Internet presence.

Merely posting content to your blog may suit your immediate goals, but turning your blog into a powerhouse of entertainment and/or information can be easily accomplished with the right tools. Take a long and close look at your blog and think about the potential it could have. There is a possibility that it could become a lucrative experience and release yourself from an eight-hour job in lieu of making more money by informing others.

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