Guide on Selecting Best Laptop According to Your Needs

Guide on Selecting Best Laptop According to Your Needs.

So buying a new laptop? Then this simple guide will help you in selecting the best laptop from the available large brands & models. I have attached a simple PDF that you can download & later print & fill it with necessary information that will help you decide what best suits your needs.

While buying a laptop four most important things needed to be considered. They are 1.Processor 2.RAM, 3.Hard Disk Space & 4.Warranty. These are the basic things that you always need to consider while selecting a laptop.

Now, first thing you need to do is select which type of user you are, as it will help you decide your configuration of the laptop. I have categorized users in three type according to their needs & requirements.

1. Power Users

Guide on Selecting Best Laptop According to Your Needs

Power users are the one who use their laptop for more then one purpose. They use it for Multimedia files, Gaming, Software Development & many different things.


High Processor Speed – 2.4Ghz or More

Dedicated Graphic Card –512MB or More

High RAM – More then 3GB or More

Large Hard Disk Space –500GB or More

2. Office Users

Guide on Selecting Best Laptop According to Your Needs

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This kind of users require laptop for  running different softwares, communication, presentations & in rare cases it is also used for multimedia purposes. If you are this kind of user you need to have laptop which are light weight and supports longer battery life.


Medium Processor Speed – 2.2Ghz or More

Integrated Graphic Card – 256MB


Hard Disk Space –250GB – 320GB

Battery Life – 5 hours

Note: If you have hard cash to spend, then I will suggest to go with Mac Book Pro they are best suited for office users

3. Home Users

Guide on Selecting Best Laptop According to Your Needs

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Home users use laptop for very basic work like surfing internet, creating office document & sometime watching movies.


Processor Speed – 2.2Ghz

Integrated Graphic Card – Optional


Hard Disk Space – 160GB – 250GB

After you have selected the type of the users you come in. Select any three brands that you prefer buying & fill the table below with the specification of each model as listed in the table.

Laptop Selecting Sheet

Download PDF


Model I

Model II

Model III
Integrated/Dedicated Graphics Card
Hard Disk Space
Operating System
Battery Life
Biometric Access
Card Reader
Wireless Network Card
Screen Size
Screen Type (LCD/LED)

After you fill you the details in the sheet, you can now easily & quickly select the best deal. Another advice I would like to give is that if you get extended warranty at great price then buy it, as anything went wrong after warranty then that will cost you much more then the price of extended warranty.  The last thing I would like to say is to keep the price in mind as many brands offers a better configurations laptops at lower prices than other, so if you are not brand conscious you could definitely go for that cheaper model.

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