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Facebook New Profile – Whats New In Facebook Profile Page

Recently, My bro was browsing & asked my whats new profile in Facebook, I did not got his question & went to see what he meant, I found out that Facebook introduced new profile page for its user. I think as for sometime Facebook system was behaving a bit odd but which was obvious as Facebook has tendency to surprise their visitors with some new treats. But I am still wondering what happened to their Facebook mail announcement which created a quite alot stir on web community & almost gave Google a cold feet.

So let see what Facebook New Profile has to offer user & how it has changed the browsing experience.

Complete View Of The New Profile Page

new facebook profile page

So Whats New in Facebook Profile?

1.Personal Details

After your name, your present working company, the where your presently staying & where your from & other details like your birth date & languages you speak are added, so that means the your Facebook profile page will make you identification appear before the normal wall update & all the latest pictures added from your gallery.

2.Staus Update

The status update box has gone much slimmer then before & it hides in single line, as soon as you click on status it expands & functions normal.

3.About Me Missing

If you see the about me or the breif description box below the image is missing in the new profile page design I think this change is because as profile page more detail so that think was not required

4.Friend Images & Family, Best Friend Section Added

The images size has been increased considerable & Facebook has now added Family Tab in the profile section.

5. Chat/Send Message & Poke Button

The chat or if the user is offline the send message button along with poke button has been added next to profile information on the extreme right in the profile.

Other Changes

Editing  Profile

The editing profile has become more interesting & interactive  here you can add list of friends in specific category that will show up in the friends section as best friends, family or any other list you have created. In Sport section you can added different sport you play & whom you play the sport with.

So may be this has been a small Christmas present for their user from Facebook, Tell us in comment did you enjoy the new design of profile page or you like the old design more.

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