Choosing Useful iPad Accessories

Having an iPad is an awesome experience.  Enhancing the iPad with helpful accessories makes the experience even more awesome.  While soup-ing up the popular tablet computer, the user could spend anywhere from a few dollars, all the way to more than the cost of the unit itself.

ZAGGmate w/ Keyboard

ZAGGmate With Keyboard

The aluminum finish of the ZAGGmate keyboard case matches the iPad while only adding about 1/4 inch of thickness. Inside, its high density padding protects the tablet from drops and scratches. The interior also features a special hinge that allows you to position your Apple iPad in 10 different angles, which comes in handy when watching videos and want to minimize glare on the screen. The hinge also allows you to use the device in either portrait or landscape format, letting you choose the most comfortable orientation while using the specially-designed Bluetooth keyboard that is seamlessly embedded in the case.

Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter

Apple iPad Dock Connector

Although it may not seem like the most exciting iPad accessory, many users will find the Dock Connector to VGA Adapter absolutely essential. For business users, the iPad can be connected to a projector in order to display a presentation without having to lug around a laptop computer. Others may use the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter to display videos of their travels on a television while at a family party. There are countless possibilities with this device, which is also compatible with the newest iPod Touch and iPhone.

Acase Apple iPad Capacitive Stylus

Acase Apple iPad Capacitive Stylus - iPad Accessory

When using the iPad for extended periods of time, give your fingers a rest and use the Acase Apple iPad Capacitive Stylus. What makes this kind of stylus different from most others you may encounter is that it is made with special conductive material. This means that the iPad’s capacitive screen will respond to the stylus as if you were using your own finger. Not only is it a more comfortable way to go for many people, but it allows you more precision and control. This is an especially useful accessory for any applications that involve handwriting or drawing.

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

Rather than loading images onto your computer and then synching them, why not just load the picture files directly to your iPad? The iPad Camera Connection Kit includes two adapters that hook into your dock connector port. The SD (Secure Digital) card connector lets you pull pictures directly off your SD memory, one of the most common memory cards currently in use. If your digital camera uses CF (Compact Flash) or another kind of memory, simply use the connector with the USB interface. With this connection kit, you can preview and store your photographs while out shooting instead of having to wait until you get to your home computer.

Tell us what iPad accessory you are using & which do you think from list shared will be much helpful to you.

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