7 Reason Why Your Business needs Dedicated Hosting

Running a business for an increasingly tech savvy set of users takes dedicated resources, cutting edge IT and professional expertise. Simply put, you cannot achieve this with internal functions and purchased hardware alone. Well you could, but the cost and time ramifications would be huge.

The best solution is migrating physical network infrastructure to a dedicated provider who can maximize the potential of IT for your unique business needs.

Running your business across a network that is performance optimized and reduces server load ultimately results in happier staff, more visitors, better search rankings and higher conversion rates. It all leads to more money in your pocket.

1. Reliable Network

Dedicated networks provide high-level processing capabilities within a resilient IT environment. Here, running your business through the fastest hosting service provides every level of user with reliable form and function, no matter how high the volume of traffic on your network.

2. Productive

Technology is opening up vast choices for us in every walk of life. Here, businesses need reliable networks to fulfil such choices and capture accurate needs analysis. Whatever the avalanche of data, complexity of user requests, spikes in traffic, etc. your network must be able to handle mass volumes, varieties and velocities of activity to keep people productive and happy.

3. Real-Time

To get your data where it needs to be, in the right hands at the right time, is a constant challenge. Turn it into a competitive advantage by having a network that can deliver messaging and information with real-time relevance. In turn, aid key decision makers working remotely or in the office and provide customers with the ability to buy instantly, painlessly.
State of the Art Customisation

4. High Level of Security

Dedicated networking maintains the integrity of your information pipelines, ensuring security is maintained while speed and agility of network traffic are not compromised. The fastest hosting providers use state of the art servers, networking protocol and multiple points of presence (POP) to optimise routing where it is needed most. They maximise your ROI because people can simply make the right decisions, first time, every time and make them more quickly than anybody else.

5. Exclusive To You

Most importantly, a dedicated Internet network remains yours and yours alone. It means you have total access to every available resource and all available bandwidth. With expert support monitoring and prioritisation of traffic flows across your network, you never have to make trade-offs with other customers, as is common when sharing a network.

6. Customized To Your Needs

Specifically built to your business requirements and administered for your exact user base, a dedicated Internet network creates the most robust and streamlined infrastructure your company needs in challenging financial times. When you are spending an increasing amount of money on IT, the last thing you want is to be stifled by a shared server or dumbed down in responsiveness because A.N. Other is hogging network resources.

7. Smooth as Silk

Hosted Internet networking as a managed service almost entirely eliminates interruptions and downtime. Maintenance, updates and troubleshooting can be performed with stealth, minimizing any impact to end users. Backup and recovery procedures too are effectively taken care of without impacting you as the customer. Keeping everything in and around your network running smoothly is priority No.1. It must always be the case.

Final Thoughts

Today, IT has the potential to significantly elevate a business through network infrastructure that is built on speed, agility and resilience. At a time when ROI means everything, running your business across the fastest possible network will be the most prudent move you make.

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