5 Freaky Reasons Facebook Could Get You in trouble

Facebook, as you all know, is one of the most popular social media websites that has the distinction of crossing the 1 billion mark in membership. With such a vast member base, there are all types and categories of people, with varied ways of thinking, who appear on the site. Remember, they are just names and there is not a inkling that you have about them personally. Hence, it is important to remember to post only certain things on your page, as so many people can view it. Here are a few tips on what should and should not figure on your Facebook.

1.Personal Life ≠ Professional Life

The friend’s list is meant for close confidants with whom you can share almost anything that you consider very personal. Though there is a limit for the number of friends you can have on Facebook (5000) not all will be having that many friends listed, as it is next to impossible. However, just because you can add more friends, you do not have to go ahead and commit the capital blunder of including boss, colleagues (not close friends) supervisors, managers etc in your friends list. All these people will appear to be the friendliest souls on earth, however they need just one thing from you, that is to get the work done, at any cost.  It is not their fault, they are trained to think that way. If you remember to keep your professional life away from your personal life, it helps prevent major heartburns. What if you are upset over something or someone at work, and would like to rave and rant, just so that it makes you feel better? You certainly cannot do that while you have the entire office breathing down your neck on Facebook. So, remember, no work related person should be included in your friends list – make this a golden rule.

2.Beware of the Photos you upload

There is no question about the fantastic feature in Facebook, which lets you upload photos and share them with your friends and family. It could be snaps of the bundle of joy that became a new member of the family, or the memorable wedding that many friends could not make it too, and many more. It could be details of a great vacation you had, or the fun you had out in the wild. However, you cannot be sharing too much of a personal nature with the whole world. For instance, if you post pictures of your beautiful home, graphic details of the interiors, including your proud possessions, the latest gadgets that you own etc, you are inviting trouble that you can very well do without. Restrict the photos and images you want to upload, though the itch to do so exists in every person.

3.You do not have to keep tagging, wherever you may be

Who doesn’t like to tag or get tagged? However, you should not get too obsessed with tagging or getting tagged.  This is a kind of dangerous addiction, which you need to shrug off, with some effort. Constantly tagging your whereabouts is advertising to the whole world about your movements. You invite people to study a pattern in your movements, right from the moment you step out of your home. It is a kind of open invitation to criminals and people who indulging in kidnapping for ransom or simply breaking into an unoccupied home and walk away with the valuables. Let’s not invite trouble and exercise some caution.

4.Do not post your birthday details

It is common practice to post one’s birthday information; however, the only purpose it serves is inviting a few birthday wishes and e-cards. It is important to keep your birth date information secret. You may wonder, “what on earth could anyone do or want to do with my birth date? The answer is simple, researches claim that 7 out of 10 people choose their birth date as passwords or as part of email addresses. With the rest of it being your home address or your last name or initials. It does not  require a genius to add two and two to make four. So, though it is the easiest thing to remember, desist from posting either the year or the date of birth on Facebook.

5.Do not cuss in public

You may use four letter words to describe a friend just as a joke or in a moment when you are very mad at him or her. However, remember that whatever you post is open to the world of your friends and acquaintances whom you have accepted as friends (on Facebook) Refrain from painting a unsavory picture about yourself which can make people conjure up unwanted images of you in their minds. Ii is advisable to desist from going on record in public, only to have someone remind you about it at a later date, when you have conveniently forgotten about it. Doing things on impulse can be in person and never posted on Facebook.

 Guest Post by Kathryn

Kathryn Smith is a tech and entertainment blogger. She also identifies various Internet utility sites and shares them with fellow people. Off late, she takes special interest in studying anti-scam-phone-aggregator websites like the reverse call lookup.



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