3 Cheap Places You’re Not Marketing, But Should Be

Think your small business is taking advantage of all the low-cost, high-reward marketing opportunities available to you?  Think again!  The following three marketing opportunities cost next to nothing yet can pay huge dividends. Good marketers  always finds some different, unique yet effective away of advertising product. These post showcase simple but effective idea that will help you open mind to uncharted territories to market your product in unique way.

1. The restroom

It’s not exactly the most sophisticated conversation, but the fact remains that everyone uses restrooms – which makes them excellent places for marketing.  Print stickers or flyers to place next to restroom stalls and hand dryers, and on stall doors, mirrors, and other surfaces.  Make your campaign creative, it will be impossible to ignore.


2.The beach

The best beaches are always crowded with potential customers, so they present excellent marketing opportunities.  One cool example I saw had a seafood restaurant place its die-cut flier in large clam shells that were strewn on the beach.  When people collected the shells, they got to see the flier.  Another idea:  vinyl signs and banners.


3.The floor

Floor your customers with creative stickers under-foot.  Ideas include monster footsteps leading to a retail Halloween display, a coffee company that affixed stickers to steaming manhole covers, and a first aid awareness campaign that placed a sticker of an injured woman at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

Final Thoughts

All of these ideas are incredibly affordable to implement, even for the smallest of businesses, and only require a little bit of wrangling to get placement permission to get started.  Always be on the lookout for new, creative ways to reach your customers and remember that the unexpected is huge for brand impact.

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