10 Things: Christmas Marketing Checklist

Christmas is the time of year where you have an opportunity to grow your business. One of the important way to achieve this is to use right marketing strategy that will maximize profits for Christmas and increase holiday sales.

Give your business a boost this holiday season with the following 10-item Christmas marketing checklist.

1. Catalogs

Print catalogs to send to a targeted mailing list. Catalogs put your products and promotions right in customers’ hands, motivating direct and web orders.

 2. Flyers

Having a big sale for Christmas?  Get the word out with professionally printed flyers.  Post flyers in areas your target customer base is known to frequent.

 3. Coupons

Coupons that promote valuable, time-limited offers motivate quick sales and allow you to track your return on investment.

 4. Posters

Big full-color posters are a fantastic way to get the word out about your Christmas sale or big holiday event!

 5. Hold a Contest

Collect contact information and get great PR with an exciting customer contest, and you’ll win big.

 6. Postcards

Postcards are perfect for economically promoting your Christmas deals to a targeted customer base. They’re also a great way to deliver coupons.

 7. Point of Sale Displays

Point-of-sale displays motivate impulse purchases at the counter for retailers, and they’re also great for distributing brochures, calendars, catalogs and flyers for service-based businesses.

8. Newsletters

Never underestimate the power of your newsletters, both printed and emailed, to promote your products and services for Christmas sales.

9. Greeting Cards

Want to wow your VIP customers?  Send them a personal greeting card for Christmas.  You can also add a special incentive or coupon just for them.

10. Business Cards

Business cards are incredibly cheap to print, yet they can be powerful marketing tools.  Print seasonal promotions on the back of your business cards to motivate purchases from new contacts.

 Guest Post by Brian

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