What Web Designers can learn from the Fashion Runway?

Good web designers draw inspiration from the natural, artistic, and business world around them. Art, literature, and more can all provide the much needed spark which gets a designer on the path to producing a website which is uniquely effective, and also something their client will love.

One place that web designers may not first think to check out for creative stimulation is the fashion runway.However, a successful runway show is the culmination of many moving parts, ideas, and personalities, all rolled into one production meant for a specific audience which is supposed to spur purchases and solidify branding – just like a website. Here are some things that professionals in the fashion industry do well when putting on a runway show, and how these principles crossover to the world of great web design.

Invest in the Best

Fashion models, high quality designers, top of the line lighting, a venue which is well-known throughout the industry, and more of the best is required for a great runway show. Investing in the best is the first step to success on the runway, and for a website as well. High resolution photos from a professional photographer, a reliable business hosting company, tight and clean code, and more are all essential for the good presentation of the best web design. Every component which makes up the web design should be top of the line for results which will please for years.

The Target Audience is different than the General Public

The guest list for a fashion show is meticulously monitored by a bouncer at the front door. This is because while the target audience will hopefully swoon at the fashions they see inside, other members of the public might not be so impressed. Web designers who know their target market, and design according to what they like and want to know, will have better luck funneling through the correct customers which will lead to sales and success.

Out of the Box get Attention

While the little black dress is sure to snag sales, never before seen fashions are what really grab attention. Most runway shows will always feature at least one outfit which everyone talks about, whether they love it or hate it, for days and weeks to come. Web designers should think outside of the box and add an unexpected element to their web design to keep things unique and memorable.

Keep things practical and fashionable

While we have all seen the runway shows featuring diamond studded bras and equally unpractical articles of clothing, the majority of the time the clothing featured is both fashionable and practical. Clothing has a purpose, and so do websites. While web designers are employed for their creativity, their practicality and ability to relay a business message and convert website visitors into customers is what makes them a success.


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