Website Design and User Experience: How do they go hand-in-hand?

The user experience in perspective of design impacts a lot to the effectiveness of the websites in a big way. Today, there is cut throat competition going on in the online world. The entrepreneurs are leaving no stone unturned to attract the attention of online consumers. When you look at any successful website, you will find three major elements, a good website design, online marketing and content. However, you need to stress more on the design process rather than merely focusing on other things. You need more thought process which is nothing but known as the user experience or the UX. This very UX in any website determine its success or failure. Let’s look deeper into this domain.

The website design and user experience

When you talk about website design and user experience in nutshell, UX is nothing but improved usability of website and the web applications. When this idea is used in website development, more focus comes on enhancing the visitor’s interaction along with websites and improving the usability elements of the site. This idea speaks about designing and development elements which helps in improving the overall user experience in website perse. In other words, it is all about noting down the user’s experience, the way he feels about the navigation while browsing the site. So it is more about the way the users responds physically, intellectually and emotionally to the website.

The following are some basic elements of UX:

The consistency factor

Whether it is a simple designed website having all the traditional features or a site designed with all the modern means and features, one thing is common- consistency. The factor of consistency acts as a propelling force for improving and enhancing user experience. Consistency is found in every aspect of the website including the web design, functionality, content, navigation, features and the other factors which are present in creating a website.

The navigability factor

The factor of navigation is relevant to almost all kinds of websites; however, it has a major role to play in the e-commerce website. Hence when a consumer comes on any online store selling T-shirts, he will be more interested in purchasing the same with ease and comfort rather than knowing about any other thing. Their navigation in the process of selecting and buying T-shirt should be hassle free, which is the only interest of an online consumer. Hence the UX would be more about easy to use and consistent kind of navigation helping a consumer in shopping T-shirt online.

The factor of structural flow

Having a balance between the front and back end of the website structure is imperative to seek positive feedback from the visitors. So speaking in terms of an e-commerce website, a proper flow can be used to cater information about the company and its products along with placing the button of call to action on the home page itself. The homepage should cater an apparent message regarding the buying process, special offers and help the consumer in shopping with a single click. The design, content and everything should have only one purpose- to motivate the consumer to shop easily and quickly.

Final Thoughts

User experience in perspective of website design is a concept which motivates the visitors to react in a positive way in any website. Hence website designed with better user experience will ensure better prospects of conversions. In this way, the UX plays a key role in achieving the goal of any website by aligning the design of the website as per the expectations of the targeted visitors.


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