Top 5 iPhone Apps With Amazing Icon Designs

Although the iPhone offers numerous user benefits, one of the most interesting features is that it provides programmers and even individuals the opportunity to unique icons for a number of different purposes. These icons can be extremely important and if designed properly, they will receive a great deal of exposure in App Store listings. So without further ado, let us take a quick look at five of the most innovating and eye-catching designs.


This photo sharing application has become one of the most popular for iPhone users. It comes with a variety of features and filters designed to lend a personal touch to any digital photograph. Furthermore, the streamlined and user-friendly nature of this software makes it easy to use and enjoy. The icon itself represents these things; it is a simple 1980’s style camera stripped back to its basics…flash bulb and all. This clever advertising signals both reliability and familiarity. It’s just a shame that this service is actually closing very soon!



As Instagram has proven ridiculously famous in the last year or so, it should come as no surprise that numerous apps have been designed to enhance the benefits that this popular software offers. InstaGenius helps users edit photos and choose numerous frames for photos rendered on Instagram. The representative icon bears a striking familiarity with the ever-popular Polaroid camera of the 1970’s and 1980’s while directly below the lens, a page of rainbow coloured paper is sliding out. This icon effectively demonstrates the editing and printing purposes of InstaGenius and it does so by bringing these familiar cameras of seemingly ancient history back to life.

 Galileo Offline Maps


As the name implies, Galileo Offline Maps enable a traveller to prepare an offline map for a journey before the journey even begins. This helps avoid the inconvenience of becoming lost in areas with no WiFi or GPS signal. What is interesting in regards to the icon is that it combines a relatively picturesque view of the Earth from afar with a bold and all-encompassing “G” that surrounds the planet. This conveys a sense of the dependability and protection that this service can provide.



When it comes to sheer interactive visual stimulation, the interesting game simply titled “midnight” will not disappoint. This tactile game allows users to move around planets and stars with a simple touch; literally placing the universe at the tip of their fingers. The icon for Midnight is appropriately represented by the moon in a 3/4 phase surrounded by stars and nebulae. This imagery provides an excellent representation of the visual enjoyment the user can expect to experience.

 Kikin Browser


What is perhaps most interesting about this icon is not the service that it provides, but rather the artistic prowess that has gone into its production. Kikin provides full-featured browser services for the iPad and iPhone, but the striking design of an iridescent lightbulb surrounded by numerous points of interconnected light surely make this icon one of the most attractive. Its curved shapes and distinctive, bold outlines hint at a streamlined functionality and an overall fun browsing experience.

So, we can see that the appeal of an icon can truly help bring life to the countless applications currently available. It will be interesting to see what additional works of art will appear as the year progresses.

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Phil Benson is an iOS enthusiast and a games-obsessed gadget geek who spends rather too much of his spare time acquiring and playing the latest iPhone and iPad games and apps. Phil’s life-long love of all things tech leads to him being a highly active member of Xpango, allowing him to win all the latest gadgetry he needs to keep up with his obsession.

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