Tips for a Successful Business Card Design

Business cards may be used either to introduce a skilled person or a business. However, it is really a good method of letting others know about what you intend to do without them seeing you. Also, by using business cards, you can let others know about what services you can offer to them. Totally, they are an effective way of extending your market. Read on to know the tips for a successful business card design.


The important aim of a business card is to make it very easy for other people to get in touch with you. Hence, you should always keep in mind to include the contact information which is really necessary. There is no need to go beyond that by including your services or your company’s branches. It is more than enough if you include your email, cell/phone number, address, job title, website and name. As there is very less space in a business card, it would do well if you would limit the information. On the whole, your card design will be clean and will also be easier for people to read.

Place a picture

After including your contact details, try including your picture with it. This will make it easier for people to recognize you and remember your face. In case you do not wish to include your picture, then, you can try a picture which represents your business. To give your card an artistic look, you can make use of typography.

Use Picture in Business Card

Compare your card’s design

When you think you are all done, take time to look at various business cards. By doing so, you might get some creative ideas. Also, you would like to make some changes in your own card. However, if you think that the card which you have created was better than the rest, you can proceed with printing.

Compare Business Card


When you select the paper stock for your business card, you need to consider its weight, design and finish. First of all, you need to see to it that your business card has to be sturdy so that it doesn’t get folded or torn in the wallet of the card holder. Secondly, you should come to the design of the card. For this, the color of the paper is important. A white smooth paper stock will be effective for a business card. And lastly, you will have to consider the finish. Well, that is up to the printer. But still, it is best if you would go for uncoated, because, if you want to pen down some additional information on your card, you will be hindered if your card has a glossy or a matte finish.

Use the right size

There are card holders and pockets in our wallets that are specially meant for business cards. Well, now you know that you should pick the perfect size for your card so that they easily fit into these holders and pockets. In case your card is too big, then it is most likely that your clients will misplace it and then it will be lost.

Make it accessible

Most of you wish to extend your marketing worldwide or to quite a few places. This can be done by printing the business card using the particular language of the place you want to publish your card in. your clients are sure to be impressed and also, you will be highly benefited.

Avoid using borders

It is best if you don’t use borders when designing your business cards. Though they look quite good, when your cards are cut, there is a possibility of getting lop-sided edges. All printers have error when it comes to cutting cards and it is more likely a few millimeters of your card might be cut, making it look a bit awkward.

Ensure that your text is readable

This is one of the important things you need to consider. You don’t want your clients straining their eyes when they read your contact details on your card. Your text should have a minimum size of 8pt, and should have a clear font in a dark color. Though the text which is smaller than 8pt might look good on your monitor, while printing, it comes out smudged. If you have included extra information, then you need to make your name and contact information bigger than the rest.

Safe Type

Final Thoughts

These are the tips which help you in designing your perfect business card. By following them, you are sure to get a card which is very effective.

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