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Flash Site: Taking User Experience To New Level

A collection of graphics, a scattering of effects – the notion of Flash is struggling beneath the weight of mediocrity. Sites are no longer utilizing its possibilities; they are instead relying on its complacence, refusing to shift the standards, unwilling to reverse the trends. The once impressive software has become…bland. And each usage of it seems to prove a lack of creativity.
That proof is slowly changing, however.

Flash Website - MoodStream


Flash is not – despite what so many believe – a dying art. There are still those who wish to push at the boundaries (make them shatter into better pixels), and bold designs can be found. They simply must be searched for: just as sterling online customer support, products, reputation and more must be. Quality demands patience. And patience offers rewards.

Moods and Meanings

Flash Website - MoodStream

Inspiration isn’t certain. Innovation isn’t guaranteed. There are moments when your mind will simply…falter, unable to offer the necessary brilliance, unable to provide even the most common of ideas. Such moments are, of course, frustrating – but they don’t have to last.

The ingenious Moodstream site (created by Getty Images) offers guests the chance to seek out their creativity.

Through flash software users can customize their mood: choosing emotions, photography preferences and songs to generate a collection of relevant images. These are meant to offer revelations – ideal for struggling writers, directors and musicians. The experience is interactive and the software is pristine. Few can match this site’s ease or quick load times.

Agency Advancements

Flash Website Example - Agency Net

The potential of Flash has rarely been achieved. Too often is it forced to dull lines and efficient (but ultimately ineffective) choices. AgencyNet Interactive seeks to change that, however, and its work is truly special. AgencyNet – a design firm founded in 1994 – has forever been known for their unique perspectives and code generations.

But no longer are they offering these to just their clients. They are instead keeping some for themselves and their homepage is proof of perfection. With a tangle of transitions, videos and photography, the site is a tribute to style. It’s a seamless showcase of Flash; and all will be amazed by it (and wishing to purchase the firm’s abilities for themselves).

Seven Success

Flash Website Example SectionSeven Inc

Navigation has forever plagued sites. Pages are often clumsily arranged, forcing guests to hunt through endless addresses to find precisely what they need; and Flash can become a burden, offering too many distractions and not enough ease. Section Seven Inc. is challenging this, however.

A development studio (specializing in interactive visuals), Section Seven provides its guests with a one of a kind experience. The site streams all content, allowing individual facts to be plucked out and opened. The design is effortless, offering quick navigation and better results. It’s Flash at its finest and users will appreciate the convenience. Online customer service has never been more dynamic.

The need for Flash can’t be denied. The need to become pliant, however, can be. Sites are finally beginning to realize their follies and software is being redefined. Invention has been found – and it will not disappear.

This is a guest post by Jessy Troy who blogs on DIY Gadgets and Tweets as @jessytroy

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