Doing Brochure Designing the Right Way

In today’s digital world brochures are still an effective marketing tools which goes beyond the virtual world & directly into the hands of your clients/customers. In recent years the brochure designing have changed quite drastically where creative minds have raised the bar, but the basic elements of designing a brochure remains the same.

1. Type of Fold

First thing for brochure design starts with selecting the right type of fold. There are various type of fold available for brochure which includes tri-fold, z-fold, half fold, parallel fold & more. After you have selected the right fold type you have clear vision on how you want to display the information & what would be the flow of the information.

Brochure Fold

2. Background Color

Selecting right background color is important as it will be the major visible portion of the brochure, hence getting a right background color is important. Most of designers play it safe & majorly use white as background, so as to make the information on the brochure clearly visible.


3.  Images

Along with the color choosing the right images in the design is important as it will be representing the content of the brochure. Als0 the customer will clearly able to identify your product/services with right image displayed in the brochure.

Images for Brochure

 4. Fonts

Using right sets of fonts in a brochure is real important to clearly represent the motto of your services/product. Combining different font sizes along with proper information will make you brochure stand out.

Font For Brochure

 5. Printing Services

After designing is over, the important thing to consider is choosing the right printing services like which will help justify your design in print. Just choosing any low cost services will ruin all your efforts of designing giving you a really bad results which you don’t want to pass it on to your customers/clients. Hence choosing a right printing services is really important.

Brochure Printing

Your Turn

What do you think is one of most important aspect of brochure design. Share in your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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