brochure design example

Brochure Design: Tips, Examples & Free Templates

With today’s post on brochure design I have rounded up various resources like  tips on designing brochure, writing a copy for brochure & what type of papers is suitable for brochure printing online. Additional to that I have shared some examples of nicely designed brochure to inspire you, & have shared free brochure design templates that will help you get instantly started with your brochure designing need.

Tips For Brochure Design

How to design a brochure: 10 top creative tips

Want to know how to design a brochure? The difference between a good brochure and a great brochure are encapsulated in the 10 design tips below.

The Art of Choosing the Right Paper

Choosing the right paper for your printed media can be tricky. Paper tells about the function of the product, it’s feeling and quality. Therefore it’s a crucial part of the overall experience of your final product. Best of all is to start thinking about the choice of paper even before you start your work on the computer, not only to get the feeling right but also because of printing issues and costs.

3 Color Palette Pointers for Effective Brochure Design

Brochures are important frontline pieces for any marketing campaign. Their efficiency in appealing to potential clients and partners is directly proportional to the success of the business they represent. Impressive brochure printing sets the stage for successful business relationships.

8 Tips to Great Brochure Copywriting

Before you can start to write your brochure copy you need to identify how it is going to be used, as copy for lead-generation will be different from copy that is designed to close a sale.

The Brochure Copywriting Cheat Sheet

Brochures are a very popular marketing weapon for SMEs and corporates alike – even in this internet age.The trouble with brochues is they’re expensive to produce and distribute, go out of date quickly, and are easy to ignore.

Examples For Brochure Design




brochure design example


brochure design example


brochure design example


brochure design example

Free Brochure Design  Templates

Green Brochure Template


Simple Brochure Template

 Brochure Mock-Up

 3 Fold Brochure Template

Automobile Brochure Design

 Final Thoughts

Please share your thoughts or other resource you come across about brochure designing in comment section that will help the readers of the blog.




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