8 Beautifully Designed Infographics on Education

With back to school ads and deals everywhere the eye can see and the start of classes fast-approaching, parents have switched their focus from fun, family vacations to things like school supplies, teachers and schedules.Infographics are great tool for education & with today’s post we are going to showcase infographics based on education.

In light of the season, below are 8 infographics that celebrate and highlight various facets of the education world. Enjoy!

Smart Teaching Infographic

What makes this infographic so beautiful is its seamless design and use of effective graphics. It does not overwhelm and chooses appropriate, relevant symbols that create a connection with the target audience.


Education’s Effect on Income Infographic

Through its use of subtle, appealing colors and side-by-side bar charts, this infographic perfectly conveys its message. The information is neither overwhelming nor underplayed, yet balanced and inviting.

Why Go to College

Although not the most visually appealing as far as color choice, I found myself drawn to this infographic. It illustrates lots of vital information in an efficient amount of space without feeling cluttered. Plus, the subtle color choice could be intentional so as not to detract from the data.

The Educated and The Employed

Addressing a very relevant issue this infographic is easy to read and eye-catching. I was instantly drawn to the juxtaposition of the bar graphs and felt the colors complemented it perfectly. Nothing was too overdone.

How Higher Education Uses Social Media

Although a bit wordy, I found this one to be a great example of an infographic done right. It flows and allows the readers eye to follow the content without getting lost.

Can Apple Do it Again

Possessing a clean, smooth design, this infographic seamlessly delivers its message to consumers. With a feel that is distinctively Apple, this is a great example of combining form and function.

Pursuing an Online Masters Degree

Offering a wealth of information in just a little bit of space, this infographic is easy-to-read and digest. I don’t leave feeling unsettled after absorbing the data and actually find myself retaining it better than others.

The Education Revolution

I absolutely love this infographic’s look and feel as it directs my eye exactly where to go.  The text and graphics perfectly balance each other out without either going overboard. Very informative and effective!

Closing Talks

These are just some of the examples of education-related infographics on the web. Many more are out there, but these represent some of the best designs you can find. They attract, guide and inform all at once. Talk about the whole package!

 Guest Post by Mariana

Mariana Ashley writes about educational topics for www.onlinecolleges.net and she can be reached at [email protected].

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